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General Awareness Quiz


General Awareness Quiz:-

1. Rs.50 per quintal raised on Paddy by Government of India, now what is the minimum support price of Paddy ? 

2. Election Commission of India suspended the recognition of which regional political party of Meghalaya ? 

3. Charles Correa, the greatest architect of India, died, he was awarded with Padma Vibhushan in which year ?

4. Who is the founder of Urban Design Research Institute, Mumbai ? 

5. Who appointed as Chairman and Managing Director of MTNL ? 

6. What is the full form of MTNL ? 

7. When was established MTNL ? 

8. Who wrote the book titled as 'Recasting India' ? 

9. Nathu La pass is located on which Border ? 

10. Which is the Capital city of Tibet ? 

11. Nathu La pass opened after about how many years ? 

12. Who is the President of Georgia ? 

13. What is the Currency of Uzbekistan ? 

14. Pandit Jasraj has related with which field ? 

15. What is the length of Dead Sea ? 

Key for GA

2)National Peoples party(NPP)
4)Charles correla
5)Narender Kumar Yadav
6)Mahanagar telecom nigam limited
7)in the year 1986
8)Hindol sengupta
9)Sikkim-Tibet Border
11)after about 53 years
12)Giorgi Margvelashivili
13)Uzbekistani som
15)50 kms(also called salt sea)

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