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MISSION SBI English Vocabulary Quiz :-

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English Vocabulary Quiz :-

1. Insipid
a) worn down
b) dull, bland
c) nasty, unpleasant
d) fatigued

2. Ribald
a) suggestive
b) comically vulgar
c) muscular
d) smooth

3. Philistine
a) slow learner
b) warrior
c) hater of culture
d) lover of pleasure

4. Inkling
a) suspicious activity
b) vague sense
c) bitter insult
d) subtle reference

5. Magisterial
a) all encompassing
b) domineering
c) using few words
d) overly serious

6. Boorish
a) long winded
b) forgetful
c) obnoxious
d) ill mannered

7. Assail
a) toast heartily
b) move swiftly
c) make senseless
d) attack

8. Wanting
a) customary
b) greedy
c) lacking
d) having means

9. Taciturn
a) unaggressive
b) quickly changing
c) rude
d) quiet

10. Bereft
a) without means
b) fragmented
c) resting
d) sad because of loss

🔑 for Vocabulary quiz
1) Insipid: dull,bland
2) Ribald: smooth
3) philistine: hater of culture
4) Inkling: vague sense
5) Magisterial: domineering
6) Boorish: ill mannered
7) Assail: attack
8) wanting: lacking
9) Taciturn: quiet

10 )Bereft: Sad because of loss
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