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General Awareness Quiz  :-

1. Which three Indian Districts included in National Capital Region (NCR) ? 

2. National Capital Region Planning Board established in which year ? 

3. According to International Indian Film Academy Awards 2015, which film won Best Film Award ?

4. Which organization became most valuable brand of Football in all over the World ? 

5. Indonesian Open Badminton Championship played in which Indonesian City ? 

6. World Ocean Day is observed on which date ? 

7. What was the theme of World Ocean Day 2015 ? 

8. Who became the President of Turkey ? 

9. Who is the Prime Minister of Turkey ? 

10. What is the full form of GNLF ? 

11. Which famous personality is also known as ‘Sparrow’ ? 

12. What is the Currency of Ukraine ? 

13. Who wrote the book ‘India Wins Freedom’ ? 

14. When was founded the Food and Agriculture Organization, the agency of United Nations ? 

15. World Water Day is observed on which date ? 

Answer key:
1) Karnal, muzzaffar nagar, jind
3) Queen
4) Manchester united
5)Jakarta, Indonesia
6) 8 june
7) healthy oceans, Healthy planet
8)Rucep tayipp erdogen
9)Ahmet Davutoglu
10)Gorkha National liberation front
11)Major General Rajinder singh
12)Ukrainian Hryvnia
13)Maulana Abdul kalam azad
14)16 october,1945

15)March 22

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