Some Double-barralled words


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Some Double-barralled words

a--weak and too emotional
b--weak in willpower and courage
Usages:-He is showing his namby-pamby emotion

2--hockerty-cockerty (Adj.)
Meaning:-to ride on one's shoulder with a leg on each
Usages:- Make a hockerty-cockerty to move outside of the wall.

3--hodge-podge/hotch-potch (N)
Meaning:- a number of things mixed together without any particular order or reason
Usages:- A hodge-podge of books

4--bibble-babble (Adj.)
Meaning:- idle and nonsense talk, to babble
Usages:- Do your work on time, don't be bibble-babble.

5--argle-bargle (N)
Meaning:- a verbal dispute
a--An argle-bargel is going on in the party meeting.
b--Sound of argle-bargle in the market.

6--helter-skelter (N/Adj.)
a--done in a hurry and confusion with less management
b--a twisted and slidable path form the top to bottom for people to slide down (N)
a--People ran helter-skelter.
b--It seems that books have been kept in helter-skelter

7--hugger-mugger (Adj.)
a--a state of confusion, not neat and clearly
b--something secret or hidden
a--We should do this work in hugger-mugger.
b--He was engaged in hugger-mugger of money.

8--criss-cross (Adj./V)
a--with many straight line that cross each other
b--to make a pattern on something with many straight lines that cross each other (V)
a--The city is criss-crossed with canals.
b--Children criss-cross on their books.

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