Second day:- 11-07-2015, imp question for bank and all



We are posting collection of 700 Important Questions Asked In Recent Exams (SBI, IBPS RRB, IBPS PO, SBI- Associate PO) in series.
Let us glance, what is for today

Second day:- 11-07-2015

51. ‘Together we can’ is slogan of ________? – Canara Bank
52. “Pahla kadam , pahli udan” account is launched by ______ ? – SBI
53. Bank formed by Brics is known as – New Development Bank
54. SEBI extended guide line to appoint at least one women in board of director by – 31march 2015
55. Upallu Srinivas who died recently is a renowned – Madolin Player
56. RBI has recently reduced ATM transaction from 5 to 3, on _______ accounts it is not applicable? – BSBDA
57. Pension scheme for rural and unorganised sector is – Swavalamban
58. Card launched by Indian Railway to avoid payment transaction during ticket booking is – Go India smart Card
59. Government clears disinvestment in 3 PSU’s for the sum of Rs 44,000 crores, _________ is one of them? – ONGC
60. Cantolania referendum is a part of _______? – Spain
61. Rupay card is used by which type of banks? – All scheduled commercial banks
62. Current Prime Minister of UK is – David Cameroon
63. Who was the Indian cricket team coach in the recent debacle against England in the investec test series? – Duncan Fletcher
64. Shivasundram hydro power project is stated in which state ? – Karnataka
65. _________ has launched premium credit cards exclusively for women scheme? – HDFC Bank
66. The upper limit that can be deposited in PPF account has increased to – Rs 1.5 lac
67. “And Then One Day” novel is authored by – Naseeruddin Shah
68. _________ has not been conferred with Padma Shri awards? – Raghunath Mashelkar
69. Bhamashah Financial Empowerment scheme is launched by the government of which of the following states? – Rajasthan
70. _________ states in India has the highest rural population? – Sikkim
71. The minimum paid up capital required for both small and payment banks is – Rs 100 crores
72. Limit for FDI in multibrand is – 51%
73. _________ banks has signed 500 million dollar line of credit EXIM bank of Korea? – SBI
74. Committee formed to review the investment guidelines for national pension schemes in the private sector – G.N. Bajpai Committee
75. As per HSBC report India will become the fifth largest exporter by the year – 2030
76. Asia’s first ballistic Research Centre is to be opened in – India
77. The book ‘Lajja’ is authored by – Taslima Nasrim
78. Name the French Foreign Minister who recently visited India. – Laurent Fabris
79. ‘Economic Outlook Report’ is published by which of the following organisations? – IMF
80. India’s first Kisan Mandi is to be set up in – Delhi
81. Jan Dhan yojna additional insurance coverage is provided by which organization? – HDFC
82. What is the tagline of United bank of India? – The Bank that begins with U.
83. BSBDA is related with which of the following field? – Banking
84. Which is the Largest desert in the world? – Sahara
85. Who is Lieutenant Governor of Delhi? – Najeeb Jung
86. Hanoi is the capital of –Vietnam
87. Who is the author of Half girlfriend? – Chetan Bhagat
88. PMGSY full form-Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana
89. What is the Currency of China? – yuan
90. What is the maximum amount in PPF? – Rs 150000
91. Kudankulam Nuclear power plant is situated in which state? – Tamil Nadu
92. Who is the Director of Finding Fanny? – Homi Adajania
93. What is the Maximum limit of RTGS? – No limit
94. Pre shipment and post shipment is related with which finance? – Export finance
95. State with lowest population, according to census 2011? – Sikkim
96. RBI release draft Guidelines for Licensing of Payments Banks and Small Banks.What is the capital of these banks? – Rs 100 crore
97. RRCAT is located in which state? – Madhya Pradesh
98. Individual Borrower can check their credit report from –CIBIL
99. EBT full form-Electronic Benefits Transfer

100. Bank license given to which NBFCs ? – Bandhan and IDFC

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