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SSC conduct various type of test for the recruitment of Staff for Central Government for Graduate level and Non-Graduate level. Vacancies comes under SSC are S.I. Delhi, Income Tax Inspector, Excise Inspector, Examiner, Assistant CSS, Preventive Officer, Assistant Enforcement Officer, Sub-Inspector in CBI, FCI, Junior Engineer, Civil Engineer Assistant Grate-II (hindi), Typist (Hindi) and Assistant Grate III (General/Accounts/Technical/Depot). Rules and Regulations are declared with the declaration of vacancies. Here we have given Previous years papers with question and answer which helps the student for preparation competition. Students can get more detailed question and answer on subject collection box. Here we give paper for the year 2015 exam. Conducted on 09/08/2015 in Morning shift.. Hope it will help the candidate for preparation to appear in further coming exams of SSC. Back paper of the various years are available on the sight. It is also one of them.
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                       SSC CGL PAPER MORNING SHIFT (9 AUGUST 2015)



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Question:- Agha Khan Cup is related with which of the following sport event?

A> Football
B> Cricket
C> Hockey
D> Table Tennis

Answer: Hockey

Question:- The legislature gains a priority over the executives in

A> A Presidential Government
B> A Federal Government
C> An Authoritarian Government
D> A Parliamentary Government

Answer: A Parliamentary Government

Question:- The legislature in a democratic country can influence public opinion by

A> Focusing attention on public issues
B> Granting rights
C> Enacting non - controversial laws
D> Defining the duties of the citizens

Answer: Focusing attention on public issues


Question:- If the President wants to resign from his office, he may do so by writing to the

A> Speaker of Lok Sabha
B> Vice President
C> Chief Justice of India
D> Prime Minister

Answer: Vice President

Question:- Which of the following is not a Union Territory?

A> Dadra and Nagar Haveli
B> Lakshadweep
C> Puducherry
D> Nagaland

Answer: Nagaland

Question:- The greatest king of the Pratihara dynasty was
A> Vatsaraj
B> Bhoj(Mihir-Bhoj)
C> Dantidurga
D> Nagabhatta II
Answer: Nagabhatta ii

Question:- One of the features of a free market economy is

A> active state intervention
B> public ownership of factors of production
C> rationing and price control
D> consumer's sovereignty

Answer: rationing and price control


Question:-  Gross National Product - Depreciation Allowance = ?

A> Per Capita Income
B> Gross Domestic Product
C> Personal Income
D> Net National Product

Answer: Net National Product


Question:- The Panchayat Samiti remains accountable for its functions to

A> Janpad Panchayats
B> The Gram Panchayats and Gram Sabhas
C> Zila Parishads
D> Anchal Panchayats

Answer: Zila Parishads

Question:- Which of the following pair is not correctly matched ?

A> Harshvardhan - Hiuen Tsang
B> Akbar - Todarmal
C> Chanakya - Chandragupta
D> Vikramaditya - Chaitanya

Answer: Vikramaditya - Chaitanya

Question:- The South-East trade winds are attracted towards the Indian sub-continent in the rainy season due to

A> the development of cyclone over the equator
B> the effect of easterlies
C> the effect of Northern-East trade winds
D> the presence of low atmospheric pressure over North-West India
Answer: the presence of low atmospheric pressure over North-West India.


Question:- The graded profile of a river course is a

A> smooth curve from source to mouth.
B> smooth curve in the upper course.
C> smooth curve in the middle course.
D> smooth curve in the lower course

Answer: smooth curve in the lower course

Question:- Sink hole is a phenomenon of ______ topography.

A> Plain
B> Desert
C> Tundra
D> Karst

Answer: Karst

Question:- Kerala is famous for the cultivation of

1. Coconut
2. Black-pepper
3. Rubber
4.  Rice
A> 1,2 and 3
B> 1,2 and 4
C> 2,3 and 4
D> 1 and 4

Answer: 1,2 and 3

Kerala is famous for the cultivation of Coconut, black pepper and Rubber.

Question:- In 1939 Subhash Chandra Bose was elected as President of the Congress Party defeating

A> Pattabhi Sitharamayya
B> Jawaharlal Nehru
C> Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
D> VB Patel

Answer: Pattabhi Sitharamayya

Question:- Jallianwala incident took place at

A> Allahabad
B> Lucknow
C> Surat
D> Amritsar

Answer: Amritsar

Question:- Who was the founder of Lodhi dynasty?

A> Daulat Khan Lodhi
B> Sikandar Lodhi
C> Bahlol Lodhi
D> Ibrahim Lodhi

Answer: Bahlol Lodhi

Question:- Allantois of Embryo helps in

A> digestion
B> respiration
C> excretion
D> protection

Answer: excreation


Question:- Which one of the following animals belongs to mollusca?

A> Haliotis
B> Hare
C> Hydra
D> Hyla

Answer: Hare

Explanation: Sea hare is a Gastropoda Mollusk.


Question:- Outside the nucleus DNA is found in 

A> Golgi bodies
B> Mitochondria
C> Ribosome
D> Endoplasmic reticulam

Answer: Mitochondria

Question:-  Animal protein is called first class protein because it is

A> easily digestible
B> delicious in taste
C> cheaper in the market
D> rich in essential amino acids

Answer: rich in essential amino acids

Question:- It is easy to burst a gas-filled balloon with a needle than with a nail. It is because

A> nail is more longer than needle
B> nail exerts more pressure than needle on the balloon
C> needle exerts more pressure than nail on the balloon
D> gas is reactive with the needle

Answer: needle exerts more pressure than nail on the balloon

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