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Idiomatic Comparisons

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Idiomatic Comparisons

As bitter as gall.
As blind as a bat,
As brave as a lion.
As brisk as a butterfly.
As busy as a bee.
As cheerful as a lark.
As cold as ice.
As dark as night.
As dry as dust.
As easy as ABC
As fast as a hare.
As firm as a rock.
As fresh as a rose.
As gentle as a lamb.
As greedy as a wolf
As happy as a king.
As hot as fire.
As innocent as a dove.
As loud as thunder.
As pale as death.
As quick as thought.
As sharp as a needle.
As silly as a sheep.
As smooth as velvet.
As still as a grave.
As black as coal.
As bold as a lion.
As bright as the day.
As brittle as glass.
As changeable as the moon.
As clear as crystal.
As cunning as a fox.
As dumb as a statue.
As fair as a rose.
As fierce as a tiger.
As free as the air.
As good as gold.
As green as grass.
As hard as stone.
As heavy as lead.
As hungry as a hunter.
As light as air.
As obstinate as a mule.
As proud as a peacock.
As red as blood .
As round as a ball.
As silent as the grave.
As soft as butter.
As slender as a thread.
As straight as an arrow.
As sure as death.
As timid as a hare.
As warm as wool.
As stupid as a donkey.
As sweet as honey.
As white as snow.
As tricky as a monkey.

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