most important words for exams

knowledge philic presents.....
important word, that you must know. 

  1. Aback: Be shocked or surprised
  2. abacus: Frame with balls for calculating
  3. abash: Make embarrassed or ashamed
  4. abate: To lessen, to subside
  5. abattoir: Slaughter house
  6. abecedarian: Primary, tyro, novice, neophyte   
  7. abdication: Giving up control, authority
  8. abdomen: Stomach and bowels
  9. aberration: Straying away from what is normal
  10. abeyance; suspended action
  11. abhor: To hate, to detest
  12. abidance: Residence
  13. abide: Accept, be faithful, obey, to endure,
  14. abjure: Promise or swear to give up
  15. abnegation: The act of rejecting something
  16. abolish: Put an end to (a system, law or custom)
  17. aborigines: An original inhabitant of a land
  18. abortive: Failing to achieve the intended result
  19. abraded: Rubbed off, worn away by friction
  20. abrasion: Rubbing, scraping, wearing off
  21. abridge: Shorten
  22. abrogate: Repeal or annul by authority
  23. abscond: To go away suddenly (to avoid arrest)
  24. abstruse: Difficult to comprehend; obscure
  25. abundant: Plentiful

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