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SSC conduct various type of test for the recruitment of Staff for Central Government for Graduate level and Non-Graduate level. Vacancies comes under SSC are S.I. Delhi, Income Tax Inspector, Excise Inspector, Examiner, Assistant CSS, Preventive Officer, Assistant Enforcement Officer, Sub-Inspector in CBI, FCI, Junior Engineer, Civil Engineer Assistant Grate-II (hindi), Typist (Hindi) and Assistant Grate III (General/Accounts/Technical/Depot). Rules and Regulations are declared with the declaration of vacancies. Here we have given Previous years papers with question and answer which helps the student for preparation competition. Students can get more detailed question and answer on subject collection box. Here we give paper for the year 2015 exam. Conducted on 16/08/2015 in Morning shift.. Hope it will help the candidate for preparation to appear in further coming exams of SSC. Back paper of the various years are available on the sight. It is also one of them.
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Question:- Constitutional Monarchy means
A) The King writes the constitution
B) The King exercise power as granted by constitution
C) the king is elected by the people
D) The King interprets the constitution
Answer: The King exercise power as granted by constitution

Question:- Raja Ram Mohan Roy was the founder of:
A) Arya Samaj
B) Brahmo Samaj
C) Prathna Samaj
D) Ram Krishna Mission
Answer: Brahmo Samaj

Question:- Who of the following has given the term rhizosphere:
A) Alexopolus
B) Garret
C) None of the given opetions
D) Hiltner
Answer: Hiltner
The term rhizosphere was coined by Hiltner in 1904 to describe the portion of soil where microorganism-mediated processes are under the influence of the root system.

Question:- Day and Night are equal at the:
A) Equator
B) Antarctic
C) Prime Meridian
D) Poles
Answer: Equator

Question:- Which of the following is called the Light house of the Mediterranean?
A) Stromboli of Sicily
B) Paracutin of Mexico
C) Vesuvius of Italy
D) Mount pelee of West Indies
Answer: Stromboli of Sicily

Question:- Which of the following plant shows chloroplast dimorphism?
A) Sugar beet
B) Sugarcane
C) Wheat
D) Rice
Answer: Sugarcane
The presence of bundle sheath with chloroplast in the leaves are granulated and lacking in starch is known as chloroplast dimorphism. The vascular bundle sheath cells of sugar cane contain starch-storing chloroplasts lacking grana .

Question:- Reserve Bank of India was nationalised in:
B) 1935
C) 1947
D) 1949
Answer: 1949

Question:- What is popular sovereignty?
A) Sovereignty of the people
B) Sovereignty of peoples representative
C) Sovereignty  of the head of state
D) Sovereignty of the legal head
Answer: Sovereignty of peoples representative

Question:- Which of the following is the sweetest sugar?
A) glucose
B) maltos
C) fructose
D) lactose
Answer: fructose

Question:- Muddy water is treated with alum in purification process, it is termed as:
A) emulsification
B) coagulation
C) adsorption
D) absorption
Answer: coagulation

Question:- Choose the correct option which represents the arrangement of atmospheric layers:
A) Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Ionosphere, Ecosphere
B) Mesosphere, Ionosphere, Ecosphere, Troposphere, Stratosphere
C) Ionosphere, Ecosphere, Mesosphere, Stratosphere, Troposphere
D) Ecosphere, Troposphere, Ionosphere, Mesosphere, Stratosphere
Answer: Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Ionosphere, Ecosphere

Question:- NABARD stands for
A) National bureau for air and road transport
B) National Bank for aeronautics and radar development
C) National Bank for Agriculture and rural development
D) National business for accounting and Reviewing
Answer: National Bank for Agriculture and rural development

Question:- Who was the first Speaker of the Lok - Sabha:
A) N Sanjeev Reddy
B) Dr. SP Mukherjee
C) BR Ambedkar
D) GV Mavalankar

Answer: GV Mavalankar

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