Over four hundred years after his death, scholars are still travelling the mysteries of Michelangelo's art. Recently one mystery that was revealed was that his famous drawing of a

pensive Cleopatra included a hidden drawing of a different Cleopatra on the reverse side. This hidden Cleopatra shows a tormented woman, whose eyes stare out at the viewer and whose mouth is open, screaming in horror. The two images, drawn on two sides of the same paper, can be viewed simultaneously. A second mystery concerns Michelagelo's architectural plan for the dome of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. Did he intend for the dome to look like the model he built between 1558 and 1561 ? Or did he change his mind after building the model and decide to elevate the dome in the way it is today? Scholars do not agree on the

answer. A third mystery about one of the greatest artists who ever lived was why he destroyed hundreds or thousands of his drawings before he died. Did he feel they were unimportant? Did he want posterity to see only his finished products?


KP-. It can be inferred from the passage that the most unusual aspect of the Cleopatra drawing is that:

(a) the figure is tormented

(b) the figure is screaming

(c) one drawing is hidden

(d) one drawing is backward


KP-2. The word 'pensive' can best be substituted with the word:

(a) angry (b) happy

(c) anxious (d) thoughtful


KP-3. The dome of St. Peter's Basilica:

(a) bears no relation to the one in the model

(b) was destroyed after the model was built

(c) is raised more than the one in the model

(d) follows the plan of the model


KP-4. According to the passage, Michelangelo is :

(a) a private person

(b) one of the greatest artists in the world

(c) the most famous architect in Rome

(d) screaming in horror


KP-5. Why did Michelangelo destroy so many drawings before he died?

(a) Nobody knows

(b) They were unimportant

(c) They were only drafts

(d) He had changed the drawings

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