List of all Colour Revolutions In India

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List of all Colour Revolutions in India
In this post we have compiled all the colour revolutions. It is given in the alphabetical order below.
Colour wise
Black Revolution  - Petroleum
Blue Revolution - Fish [Remember the colour of Sea]
Brown Revolution - Leather / Cocoa
Golden Revolution - Horticulture / Honey
Golden Fiber Revolution - JuteGreen Revolution - Food Grains
Grey Revolution - Fertilizer
Pink Revolution - Onion / Prawn
Red Revolution - Meat / Tomato
Silver Revolution - Egg / Poultry
White Revolution - Milk / Diary
Yellow Revolution - Oil Seeds
 Green Revolution - Protein Rich Pulses
Blue Revolution - for fishermen's Welfare and Clean water
Saffron Revolution - Solar Energy

Round Revolution - Potato
Other Important Revolutions
Fibre Revolution - Cotton

By Anand Singh.

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