Vocabulary (set-6)

Hello philic's
Here is set of 10 vocabularies , which are very useful for all competitive examinations. fix these in your mind.

1. Docile
Meaning: easily taught, obedient, easy to handle
Example: Angelina docility fooled the professor into believing that she was incapable of thinking for herself.

2. Cursory
Meaning: hasty, superficial
Example: To give a book a cursory reading is to skim it quickly without comprehending much.

3. Demeanour
Meaning: Behaviour, Conduct
Example: Professor virus maintained a professional demeanour throughout the film, 3 idiots.

4. Itinerary
meaning:Travel plan, A record of journey
Example: Visits to seven different countries viz. US, Switzerland are included in our itinerary.

5. Amorphous
meaning: shapeless, bloblike
Example: To say that something has an 'amorphous shape' is a contradiction. How can a shape be shapeless?

6. Portend
meaning: To forecast
Example: Kp portent about CGL exam might be true, because cut off marks depends upon number of vacancy.

7. Brevity
Meaning: briefness
Example: The reader of this website may be grateful for the brevity of this example.

8. Judicious
meaning: Logical, Tactful
Example: Interview is going on, selected aspirants impart their answer judicially to the interview board.

9. Opulent
Meaning:Wealthy, Luxurious
Example: Vijay malya is opulent that's why he always travel by airplane.

10. Warble
meaning: To sing sweetly
Example: I heard the faint warble of anshika's voice.

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