Daily Conversations:- January 8th, 2016


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We are initiating a new domain of English which will build your English conversation as well as grammar.

Date- January 8th, 2016

🔴 Daily Conversations:

♦️2. Parting (Part 2)
🔸2.6 When you welcome a returning person

🔹Welcome back!
🔹Welcome back, stranger!
🔹It's nice to have you back!
🔹I missed you.
🔹We missed you around here.
🔹We've missed you around here.

🔸2.7 When you ask polite questions to a person who has just returned

🔹How did it go?
🔹How was it?
🔹How was your flight?
🔹Did everything go OK?
🔹Did you have fun?

🔸2.8 When you signal your partner that you are ready to leave a place

🔹Are you ready to go?
🔹Are you about ready?
🔹Are we ready to leave?
🔹Are you ready to part company with these people?
🔹Let's go.
🔹Let's get going.
🔹Let's get out of here.
🔹Let's hit the road.
🔹We should be on our way.
🔹Let's go somewhere where it's more quiet.

🔸2.9 When you are concerned about safety

🔹Call when you get there.
🔹Don't forget to call.
🔹Give me a call.
🔹I'll call you when I get home.

🔸2.10 When you want to keep in touch with a person

🔹Keep in touch.
🔹Let's stay in touch.
🔹I'll be in touch.
🔹I'll touch base with you.
🔹Remember to write.
🔹Write me.
🔹Let's write.
🔹Don't forget to write.
🔹Drop me a line.




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