IDIOMS part-3


♦️21. at the eleventh hour

🔹Example: "Mr. Judson was spared a long prison sentence because the governor called with a pardon at the eleventh hour."

♦️22. avoid sb/sth like the plague

🔸Meaning: stay away from somebody or something completely.

🔹Example: "Jeff was in trouble everywhere he went, so most people avoided him like the plague."

♦️23. have an ax(e) to grind (with someone)

🔸Meaning: (Fig.) 1. have a problem to discuss. ● 2. have a private reason for doing something.

🔹Example: "Bill and Bob went into the other room to argue. They had an axe to grind."

♦️24. a babe in the woods

🔸Meaning: (Fig.) a naive or innocent person; an inexperienced person. (Like a child lost in the woods.)

🔹Example: "When it comes to dealing with men, she's a babe in the woods."

♦️25. bad blood (between A and B)

🔸Meaning: feelings of hate between people because of arguments in the past.

🔹Example: "There has been bad blood between the two families for years."




♦️26. back in circulation

🔸Meaning: 1. (Lit.) [for a thing] to be available to the public again. (Said especially of things that are said to circulate, such as money, library books, and magazines.) ● 2. (Fig.) for a person] to be socially active again; dating again after a divorce or breakup with one's lover.

🔹Example: "Now that Sully is divorced from Jim she is back in circulation."

♦️27. (go) back to square one

🔸Meaning: starting the process all over again, usually after a failed attempt. (Often with go.)

🔹Example: "The meeting was a failure and we were forced to go back to square one."

♦️28. (go) back to the drawing board

🔸Meaning: to go back and start a project or idea from the beginning, usually after a failed attempt.

🔹Example: "The boss does not like our idea so we must go back to the drawing board."

♦️29. (be) in the bag

🔸Meaning: 1. sure to be won or achieved; certain. ● 2. (US) drunk.

🔹Example: "Once we'd scored the third goal, the match was pretty much in the bag."

♦️30. (a) bag of bones

🔸Meaning: an extremely skinny person or animal with bones showing. (The skin is the figurative bag.)

🔹Example: "The child was just a bag of bones when we found her."



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