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Topic: A Debate Beyond Clicktivism

The consultation process set in motion by  the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on the issue of  differential pricing of  cellular data has set off  a full-scale and no-holds-barred war of  words between the authority and Facebook. The spat came into the public domain last week when TRAI released its e-mail exchanges with the social networking giant. The telecom regulator is clearly  concerned about the unabashed enthusiasm demonstrated by Facebook to  utilise — indeed, exploit — the consultation process to  drum up support for its Free Basics product. TRAI was scathing in its criticism of  Facebook's high-intensity lobbying exercise. The regulator minced no words, and accused Facebook of converting its consultation process into a "crudely majoritarian and orchestrated opinion poll''. Also, TRAI is convinced that the campaign by  Facebook to  defend its free Internet platform "is wholly misplaced" as the consultation paper is only on differential pricing for data services and not on any particular product or service. The social networking giant has been collating responses from users of  its platform, and forwarding them to  TRAI. Somewhere in this process, Facebook felt that somebody with access to the TRAI e-mail account had blocked the receipt of  its emails. That  accusation was enough to  provoke  a  confrontation with TRAI. More  than anything else, the stand-off between the two has brought the focus on the efficacy of the consultation process in an environment where private enterprise is increasingly gaining greater clout. Also, it raises serious questions on the lobbying practices followed to shape outcomes in a consultation process, and the potential impact on policy formulations.

In the Information Age,  where communication enterprises are not just controlling but also redefining the way we interact, it is imprudent and even risky to let them have afree run in setting the policy agenda. The right to do business does not automatically give them the freedom to misuse their platforms to  hijack policy initiatives by  swaying public opinion. By means of  its action, Facebook clearly has walked into the 'conflict of  interest' argument. In the wake  of  rising support for net neutrality,  Facebook launched a multi-million dollar campaign late  last year to support Free Basics, a re-branded version of  its How  tenable is it for an interested enterprise like Facebook to  play  a facilitating role in the consultation process initiated by  TRAI? The 'template  response' that it has procured from its users naturally has no articulation on the points made by  TRAI. Moreover,  Facebook cannot arrogate  to  itself the right to  represent users just because they use its platform. The TRAI-Facebook face-off,  unfortunately, has deflected the focus from the real issue: what kind of  Internet access  will suit a country like India with over a billion people? A solution must focus on providing maximum benefit to  the poor.

Words with Hindi:

Consultation: परामर्श
set in motion: चलाना get going
spat: झगड़ना
unabash: बेपरवाह shameless
exploit:  शोषण करना
Scathe: कड़ी आलोचना करना
Lobby: दबाव बनाने वाला
Orchestrate: योजना बनाना
Defend: बचाव करना रक्षा करना
Collate: मिलाना compare critically
Provome: गुस्सा होना चिढ़ना
Stand off: गतिरोध
Efficacy: क्षमता the power to produce a desired result
Clout: मुक्का a hit especially with the hand
Imprudent: अविवेकपूर्ण not wise
Hijack: अपहरण करना
Sway: झुकाना
By means of: के माध्यम से
In the wake of:  के परिणामस्वरूप
Tenable: तर्कसंगत
Procure: प्राप्त करना जुटाना
Articulatnational: अभिव्यक्ति expression
Arrogate to: अनाधिकार से अपनाना

By::Shubham mishra

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