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Reading: Crucial Tips

🔴How can you improve your reading? Here are some significant tips:

🌎1- If you want to improve your reading, the first thing to do is read a lot. There are no shortcuts or secret techniques; you will only improve with time and practice.

🌎2- Anything you read in English is good practice, so read about subjects that interest you. Try to enjoy reading in English ,be creative with your reading practice and trust that you will improve if you persist.

🌍3- English is the most used language on the Internet. Whenever you search for information on the net, try searching in English first.

🌏4- Remember that "understanding is not the same as using". Keep a notebook with useful words and phrases that you find when you're reading, and try using them in your own sentences.

🌎5- Apart from reading things that interest you, you also need to read lots of IELTS passages. If you've done all of the tests in the Cambridge books, read the passages again without doing the questions. Use a dictionary, take notes, and try to fully understand each passage.

🌍👌🏽6- Another way to use the Cambridge tests is to look at the correct answers to each question first. Then, your task is to find out why those answers are correct by analysing the passage carefully and finding the 'keywords'.

🌍7- Don't read the whole text; you haven't got enough time. Just go straight to the questions.

🌍8- 'Paragraph' questions are much easier if you do them last. Do other sections first.

🌍9- The answers to most questions should be in the correct order in the text, so you don't need to go back to the beginning to start looking for the next answer. However, there are some question type that do not follow the text order (we will categorize them later)

🌍10- Read all instructions carefully.

🌍11- Look for 'keywords'. There are usually words in the questions that are similar to words you need to find in the text. For example, if the text contains the word "global", the question might use the word "international". If you find the similar words, you have probably found the answer.

🌍12- You must get to the end and answer every question. If you don't finish, you might miss some easy points.

🌍13- Some questions are difficult because their aim is to separate band 8 and band 9. Don't waste time on difficult questions. Miss them, finish the exam, and return to them at the end.


By"::Shubham Misha

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