English Anthem :- Day 5

English Anthem :- Day 5
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Welcome to the 5th episode of highest & most viewed article by tons of fervent readers. Thanking you from inner core of the heart for grand love and support to the article. Once again enjoy the same and brush up your English.               
                         We have taken the responsibility to enhance English in all possible periphery, this article " English Anthem" is just started after the  great demand of kp readers. After reading this stuff you'll infer English is fun, if you learn like Philic's(diehard lover).Let's start our anthem..First of all we wish to focus some common mistakes of English grammar, learning slowly and incessantly you'll grab a lot.
📢 @ common_mistakes
➖Using the wrong preposition➖
1. Tired of, not from.
✖️Don't say: The boys are tired from eating boiled eggs. 
✔️Say: The boys are tired of eating boiled eggs.
📢 @ common_mistakes
➖Using the wrong preposition➖
2. Translate into, not to.
✖️Don't say: Translate this passage to English.
✔️Say: Translate this passage into English.
📢 @ common_mistakes
➖Using the wrong preposition➖
3. Tremble with cold, etc., not from cold, etc.
✖️Don't say: The man was trembling from cold.
✔️Say: The man was trembling with cold.
Note: Also shake with and shiver with: The thief was shaking with fear.
📢 @ common_mistakes
➖Using the wrong preposition➖
4. Warn (a person) of danger, not about danger.
✖️Don't say: They were warned about the danger.
✔️Say: They were warned of danger.
Note1: Use "warn about" for specific things: They warned us about the bumps in the road.
Note2 : We warn a person against a fault: His teacher warned him against breaking the rules.
📢 @ common_mistakes
➖Using the wrong preposition➖
5. Write in ink, not with ink.
✖️Don't say: I've written the letter with ink.
✔️Say: I've written the letter in ink.
Note: We use "in" when we are referring to the final work: The drawing was done in charcoal. Dora writes her letters in green ink. When we are referring to the instrument used we use "with": The children are learning to write with a pen. Helen prefers to paint with a thin brush.

...................................................Now clutch to another section that is difference between words.
The difference among🤔
Stimulate & Inspire & Tempt
☝️The all mean encouraging someone to do something by showing it so attractive.
✍Stimulate is used for encouraging someone toward either Bad or Good things.
✍Inspire is always used  for encouraging someone toward Good things.
✍Tempt is Often used for Bad things by showing it amazing.
1⃣ My father encouraged me to study English.(☝️ good)
2⃣ The enemies' plan is to tempt young people to leave their countries and live abroad.(☝️ bad)
3⃣ His action stimulated me to continue help the poor.(☝️good)
4⃣ My dishonest friend stimulated me to pickpocket.(☝️ bad)

....................................................Ohh yeah!!!
We are moving towards some Important vocab and grammatical rules,  swoting that you easily dive deep in the ocean of English....so why are waiting.Just glance.
🕸 word anthem of the Day 🕸
💡Dilapidated – adjective – damaged, broken down - टूटा फूटा
✒Synonym – ramshackle, shabby
✒Antonym – neat, repaired.
💬 Example :
The dilapidated house in Nehru nagar is sure to lower the property values of the homes in Ashoknagar.😉
🕸 Idiom anthem of the Day 🕸
🔅 To catch a tartar.
💡to fight with strong enemy
💬E.g: While fighting with senior students the junior's realised that they had caught a tartar.
🕸One word substitution anthem of the Day
💡the practice of having two wives or husbands at a time
💡 voluntary giving up of throne in favour of someone 
🔅Archives 👇
💡a place where government or public records are kept 
🕸Grammar Rule anthemof the Day🕸
🔅Rule VI of verb* :
💡In a Compound sentence both
auxiliary verb & principal verbs should be mentioned separately if they differ in numbers,form or voice. In such cases one Vern cannot act for both the clauses.
💬 for example:
✒He has not and will not marry in near future. (Place 'married' after 'has not')
✒she is intelligent but her sisters dull(Place 'are' after 'sisters')
✒He surrendered before the court and sent to jail.(use 'was' before 'sent')
✒She disappeared last month and found dead near a hill last night(place 'was' after 'and')
✒She is intelligent but her sister dull(correct)
✒I did not and will not go there.(correct)
....................................................Accelerating the gear, move to very funny as well interesting topic,  how to conversate with other in impressive way.So continue....
Daily Conversations: anthem
🔴 Daily Conversations:
♦️20. Unpleasant Conversations (Part 4 of 5)
🔸20.14 When you want an annoying person to leave
🔹Go away!
🔹Get lost!
🔹Get out of here!
🔹Beat it!
🔹Bug off!  (US)
🔹Buzz off!  (UK)
🔹Go jump in the lake!
🔹Go jump off a cliff!
🔸20.15 When you feel you are not welcome
🔹If you want me to leave, why don't you just say so?
🔹If you want me to leave, just ask.
🔹Would you like me to leave?
🔹Do you want me to leave?
🔹Do you want me to go away?
🔹I know I'm not wanted here.
🔸20.16 When you want to be left alone
🔹Leave me alone.
🔹I just want to be left alone.
🔹I'm asking you to leave me alone.
🔸20.17 When a person makes you angry
🔹I'm really upset with you right now.
🔹I'm mad at you.
🔹You're pissing me off.  (Vulgar)
🔸20.18 When you are not happy with what a person has done
🔹How could you do that?
🔹How could you do such a thing?
🔹What on Earth were you thinking?
🔹What could you have been thinking?
🔹What got into you?
🔹What possessed you to do that?
🔹I hope you're sorry.
🔸20.19 When you are angry about the thing a person has done
🔹I can't believe you did that!
🔹When will you ever learn?
🔹All you think about is yourself.
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