Questions for RRB exams.,,,



Questions for RRB Exams

1. When was the first underground railway (Metro Railway) started?
Ans: 1984
2. Shatabdi Express train was started in–
Ans : 1988
3. At which of the following places Diesel Component Works is established?
Ans: Patiala
4. Which Zone is the largest in Indian Railways?
Ans : Eastern Railway
5. The railway station situated in the extreme south is–
Ans: Kanyakumari

6. A platform surrounded by rail lines from all the four sides, is called–
Ans : island platform
7. When was the nationalization of Indian Railways done?
Ans : 1950
8. In which year Research, Design and Standard organization was established?
Ans: 1957
9. Railway Staff College is situated at–
Ans : Vadodara
10. Where is the Research, Design and Standard Organisation situated?
Ans: Lucknow
11. Which is the following pairs of regional Railways and their headquarters not true?
Ans : Central railway - Bhopal
12. Between which of the destinations the first Indian train was started?
Ans : From Mumbai to Thane
13. When was the first train in Indian started?
Ans : 1853
14. In which Governor-General's reign railway lines in India were established?
Ans : Lord Dalhousie
15. A station where the rail lines end, is called
Ans : terminal station
16. How much distance was traveled by first train of India?
Ans : 34 km
17. What is the position of the Indian Railway in the world according to the length of rail lines?
Ans : Fourth
18. What is the length of North-Eastern Frontier Railway (NEFR)?
Ans : 3700 Km
19. The headquarters of North-Eastern railway is situated at–
Ans : Gorakhpur
20. When was the North-Eastern frontier Railway (NEFR) established?
Ans : 15th Jan, 1958
21. The headquarters of North -Eastern Frontier Railway (NEFR) is–
Ans : Maligaon (Guwahati)
22. In which of the following cities, the first sub-way train was started?
Ans : Calcutta
23. General Manger is responsible for–
Ans : Railway Board
24. The headquarters of South-Central Railways is situated at–
Ans : Secundrabad
25. The headquarters of Northern Railway is at–
Ans : New Delhi
26. The headquarters of South Railways is situated at–
Ans : Chennai
27. In which institution the training of electric work is being given?
Ans : Indian Railways Institute of Electrical Engineering
28. Who invented the railway engine?
Ans : George Stephenson
29. Where is the Indian Railways Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Insttitue situated?
Ans : Jamalpur
30. Metro Railway is functioning in which of the following Indian States?
Ans : West Bengal
31.The zone with the minimum length is
Ans : North-Eastern Frontier Railway
32. Where is the Indian Railways Institute of Civil Engineering Institute situated?
Ans : Pune
33. How many training institutions of Railways are in India?
Ans : Five
34. What is the position of the Indian Railway under the zonal system?
Ans : Second
35. Which of the gauges is used in the hilly areas?
Ans : Narrow gauge
36. Where is the extreme north of India a railway station?
Ans : Jammutavi
37. How many institutions do give suggestions for railways technology?
Ans : Two
38. Diesel Locomotive Works is situated at–
Ans : Varanasi
39. The manufacturing of steam engine in Chittranjan Locomotive Works was stopped in–
Ans : 1971
40. The passenger bogies of the Indian Railways are manufactured at which of the following places?
Ans : Perambur
41. Indian Railways which is the largest of the Public Sector Enterprises, is divided in how many regions?
Ans : 9
42. Besides Mahrashtra, Karnataka and Goa, which of the following is the fourth State for Konakan Railway Project?
Ans : Kerala
43. Palace On Wheels train was inaugurated in which year?
Ans : 1982
44. When was the Central Railway established?
Ans : 5th Nov 1951
45. Rajasthan is under which of the following railway zones?
Ans : Western region
46. The largest national enterprise of India is–
Ans : Indian Railway
47. The first locomotive which was manufactured in Chittaranjan on–
Ans : November 1950
48. Where is the wheel and axle plant of Indian Railways situated?
Ans : Bangalore


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