How to get sure success in examinations by Burning star (1st episode)

Journey from looser to competitive exams 
                          1st episode     

Hi dear,
This is Burning star.
 Its my pleasure to serve my best to known and unknown aspirants..i  am basically a writer…before that why would u should listened me? I have my reasons…..

1..i am earning more than 40k with just my hobbies(excluding my clerk salary)

2…I won several exams just qualified …prilems (ias)….ssc cgl 2014 (not in final list but went to interview)

3…earning lots of respect from my near and dear(its more than enough)….

                                                Due to a shoot out question and request  by my juniors …I came here to guide "how to  get sure success in examinations…".thats it guys…I decided to write notes but my writer in me sharped to write this topic elaborately that’s why I made it as a series of 16 episodes….. now I am introducing 1st episode of my serial…….that are in PDF just because to make it permanent and easy to share. Download and enjoy!! 

“Jago re jago”

Download from here=>


Golden tips for English: how to make your English easy in the exam?”. by srinivasa sir (burning star)

Golden Tips to Rearrange the Jumbled Sentences in English Questions by satya prakash tiwari (inspector, examiner-2014)

Note:- Cheguevera is former burning star.

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