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Percentages - important formula and question in PDF free download

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Understanding Percentages:
The word percent can be understood as follows:
Per cent => for every 100.
So, when percentage is calculated for any value, it means that that you calculate the
value for every 100 of the reference value.

Why Percentage?
Percentage is a concept evolved so that there can be a uniform platform for
comparison of various things. (Since each value is taken to a common platform of
Eg: To compare three different students depending on the marks they scored we
cannot directly compare their marks until we know the maximum marks for which
they took the test. But by calculating percentages they can directly be compared
with one another.
Before going deeper into the concept of percentage, let u have a look at some basics
and tips for faster calculations:

Calculation of Percentage:
Percentage = (Value / Total value) X 100

Eg: 50 is what % of 200?
Soln: Percentage = (50/200) X 100 = 25%.
Calculation of Value:
Value = (Percentage/100) X total value

Eg: What is 20% of 200?
Soln: Value = (20/100) X 200
Note: Percentage is denoted by “%”, which means “/100”.

Eg: What is the decimal notation for 35%?
Soln: 35% = 35/100 = 0.35.
For faster calculations we can convert the percentages or decimal equivalents into
their respective fraction notations.

1.               Concept of Percentage:
By a certain percent, we mean that many hundredths.
Thus, x percent means x hundredths, written as x%.
To express x% as a fraction: We have, x% =

    Thus, 20% =

To express
as a percent: We have,
x 100

x 100
= 25%.

2.Percentage Increase/Decrease:
3. Results on Population:
4. Results on Depreciation:
Percentages – Fractions Conversions:

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