Computer Quiz for SBI DAY-1

“Mission SBI Clerk”

We are here for you and now your exam in your head,so let's join your hands with us and boot your knowledge to crack your SBI exam, this is just our initiative to grip hard your seat in exam, here is the the Full plate of our baked quiz of computer.


Q1. Internet's Initial development was supported by:
b) IBM
c) Microsoft
d) None of These

Q2. World Wide Web was proposed by:
a) Bill Gates
b) Bill Rogers
c) Tim Berners Lee
d) None of These

Q3. What are the uses of the Internet:
a) Communication
b) Information Retrieval
c) Presentation of Information
d) All of the Above

Q4. .net domain is used for:
a) educational institution
b) Internet Infrastructure and Service Providers
c) International Organizations
d) None of These

Q5. URL stands for:
a) Uniform Resource Locator
b) Uniform Resource Library
c) United Resource Locators
d) None of These

Q6. Benefits of Email are:
a) Speed
b) Cost
c) Record Keeping
d) None of These
e) All of the Above
Q7. WWW provides standardized access to:
c) FTP
d) None of These
e) All of the Above
Q8. Which among the following is not an internet browser:
a) Netscape Navigator
b) Chrome
c) Drupal
d) Opera

Q9. What should be minimum requirement of random access memory (RAM) for
internet access:
a) 8 MB
b) 16 MB
c) 32 MB
d) 64 MB

Q10. A modem is not needed when accessing the internet through:
a) LAN
b) Cable
c) Wi - Fi

d) None of These

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