The difference between Fall guy & Scapegoat

☝️The both are people who are Usually Blamed for Doing Something Bad or an Undesirable Event, In which They have No Role and Have Not Taken part.

✍ Fall guy is someone who Takes the Blame for Something They have Never done At all And The problem Is Not Their Faults.

✍ Scapegoat is someone who is Considered as a Reason of the Problem which even they Might Not have part.

☝️A fall guy is always innocent. On the Other hand, A scapegoat Might be A fall guy or Not.

☝️Scapegoat can sometimes be a Group rather than Individuals.

1⃣ I am always a fall guy when it comes to breaking something.(☝️they have No Role.)

2⃣ famous people are always scapegoats,while talking about being so rich.(☝️they might be or Not Their Faults.)

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