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Vocab story :- A Funny Story for Learners of English day-2


Learn English Vocabulary
A Funny Story for Learners of English

Here's a short, funny story for learning vocabulary. As a student of English, you should read this story at least three times. Difficult words are explained in bracket like this (...).

Let's start kp VOCAB STORY

Once a CANTANKEROUS and TRUCULENT( Both mean quarrelsome) wife who was a REINCARNATION(Rebirth) of a  worrier was exercising her military skills on her HAPLESS ( unfortunate) Pati.

She had send him to fetch some salt from the kitchen. The hubby did a FINE TOOTH COMB( a very minute search to find something) search but couldn't find the salt.
The DOCILE( obedient) and MELLIFLUOUS(very sweet) fan of Rakhi sawant was singing her TIRADE( verbal criticism) and HARANGUE 
( a very angry and forceful speech) in her DULCET ( very pleasant) tone.

" You can't even find salt. You are worse than Gazni  now.

The hubby said in a DEMURRED  ( very quiet and polite) tone, " Honey, There is no salt here.".

The cute wife replied, " I knew that you are good for nothing and can't find anything that's why I had already brought the salt.

Now , friends post sentences(created on your own) having the above vocab story words. by this method you will fix all words in your permanent memory very quickly.

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