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Gk trick Countries around sea

Countries around Caspian Sea :

TARIK    (Date)
T- Turkmenistan
A- Azerbaijan
R- Russia
I- Iran
K- Kazakhstan

Countries bordering Red Sea :

D- Djibouti
E- Eritrea
S- Saudi Arabi
S- Sudan    (not somalia: pay attention and keep rem)
E- Egypt
Y- Yemen

Countries collectively called as Horn of Africa:

S- Somalia
E- Ethiopia
E- Eritrea
D- Djibouti

Creating mnemonic for Black Sea is annoying. So, I said GURR in annoyance BuT  suddenly I found the mnemonic for the countries bordering Black Sea ::
So, its      GURR   BuT
G- Georgia
U- Ukarine
R- Russia
R- Romania
Bu- Bulagaria
T- Turkey

One day in the midst of Baltic Sea, RuDe Germany SELL Poland & Finland :
So, countries bordering Baltic Sea are :
RuDe Germany SELL Poland & Finland :
Ru- Russia
De- Denmark
S- Sweden
E- Estonia
L- Latvia
L- Lithuania
From above mnemonics, it is clear that RUSSIA is the only country which borders three different land locked seas :  Black Sea, Baltic Sea & Caspian Sea    (BBC)
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