KP prize Winning Quiz Live:- Day 2


KP prize Winning Quiz:- Day 2

KP prize Winning Quiz:- 26-06-2016 at 6 pm

All KP and non KP Aspirants are invited...!!!

Hello dear,
We KP family are trying hard to boost knowledge by a new quiz series called KP Quiz where one can win reward prize of 200/- recharge on the KP registered number. Let me aware you with the instructions and Conditions of the KP Quiz.(see below) .Quiz gonna embark at sharp 6'o clock and concludes at 7:00PM on your KP blog wherein you just have to comment on the blog itself with the answers. The results will be declared by 7:30 PM and the first winner will be rewarded with 200/-.So ask your kp friends and colleagues  to take the quiz and stand a chance to win recharge amount of 200/-.

Rule and instructions for the kp weekly Quiz is here.

Ø There will be 20 questions.
Ø Time duration for quiz is 1 hour, and answer posted after the time will not be considered.
Ø 1 marks will be given for each correct answer, no negative marking.
Ø The aspirants who scored maximum marks will be considered as winner.
Ø If two or more readers have same no marks than we’ll consider time, example. If “X” solved and posted his answer after 10 minute of starting of quiz and scored 20, then he will declared winner.
Ø If “X” posted his answer after 10 minute of starting of quiz and scored 18 marks and “Y” posted his answer after 15 minutes of starting of quiz and scored 19 than “Y” will be considered winner.
Ø ₹200/- recharge will be the reward prize.

We'll upload questions at 6 pm on every sunday and and result will be declared at 7:30 pm.

Four brothers Ashok, sohan, Mohan and Ganesh are at their annual family property fight sitting across a circular table. Their occupations are – author, biologist, chemist, and doctor, but not necessarily in that order. Ganesh starts by setting the agenda of the meeting and after him the doctor gives a long discourse of what is right and what is wrong. ashok is sitting across the doctor and next to the chemist. Mohan is silent throughout the meeting and the chemist speaks only at the very end. Who is chemist among the family?

Question 2)
For upcoming the Independence day parade on 15 August 2016, the people from every nook and corner including intellectuals, artists , farmers and kp mathematicians thronged in New Delhi. There were 100 seats in the front row numbered 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,...........100.But the smart kp mathematician chose not to sit on those seats which are the multiples of any numbers greater than unity. How many mathematicians could sit on these front row chairs?

Question 3)
Once Knowledge Philic created an E-mail id, the password was consisting of first 4 prime numbers.  Recently they tried to check their emails they got dumbfounded since they could not remember their password exactly. So when they have written 2735, their computer indicated them that no digits is correctly placed. Again they tried 5273, they got the same response. So once again they written only 3 as the left most digits for their password it again indicated me that it was wrong. Finally they have taken one more attempt and got the account open. The code of their password?

Question 4)
Knowledge Philic Publish a monthly magazine of 84 pages. Once i found that in a magazine 4 pages were missing. One out of them was page number 29 it is known that the page number of the last of the magazine is 84, (including the coverpages) The numbers printed on the missing pages were?

Question 5)
The remainder when (8888!)^9999 is divided by 77?

Question 6)
There are six locks exactly with one key for each lock. All the keys are mixed to each other. The maximum number of attempts needed to get the correct combination?

Question 7)
If N is an integer, how many values of N will give an integral value of 51N^2 + 17N + 6?

Question 8)
Maximum number of squares possible that can be constructed using 31 pencils of equal  length on the table?

Question 9)
A Monkey wanna climb on the smooth vertical pole of height 36 metre. In the first one minute he climb up 5 metre in the next one minute he slips down by 2 metre. Further he repeated the same process till he has reached on the top of the pole. The minimum time taken by monkey to reach at the top of the pole is?

Question 10)
A smallest possible number which is divisible by either 3, 5 or 7 when represented by onlu two digits either 0 or 1, then the minimum numbers of digits required to represent it is?

Question 11)
Anand Singh once decided to distribute 180 Dairy milk silk chocolates among his 36 colleagues. But he gave N chocolates to a colleague of nth row and there were same number of colleagues in each row. Thus he distributed all his 180 chocolates among his colleagues. The number of soldiers in (n-1)th row was?

Question 12)
Sujata bought some chocolates from Nestle’s exclusive shop, she gives to Rahul  one less than half of what she had initially. Then she had given 3 chocolates to Prashant and then half of the chocolates which she had then given to Deepak. Thus finally she gave one chocolate to Akhilesh and the remaining one she are herself. The number of chocolates she had purchased?

Question 13)
KP Watch India corporation made a wrist watch in which the minute hand makes one complete round of dial in 12 minute and according the hour hand too. When i have set this watch at 12:00 noon on 1st February this year. Which time will be shown by this watch at 3 O’ clock on the same day?

Question 14)
The area of paper can be divided into 144 squares, but if the dimensions of each square were reduced by 2 cm each, then the number of squares so formed are 400. The area of the paper initially was?

Question 15)
A Number K when divided by Z it leaves the remainder 18 and if another number L is divided by the same divisor Z it leaves the remainder  11 . Further if we divide K+L by Z then we obtain the remainder 4. Then the common divisor Z is?

Question 16)
Total number of  natural numbers being the perfect square whose square root is equal to the sum of the digits of the perfect square is?

Question 17)
The total number of 3 digit numbers which have two or more consecutive digits identical is?

Question 18)
 A trader marks his foods such that he can make 32% profit after giving 12% discount. However a customer availed 20% discount instead of 12%. What is the new profit percentage of trader?

Question 19)
Five trailers P,Q,R,S,T stitch 1800 shirts in 90days working alternatively. Find the minimum possible number of shirts that can be stitched in a single day by working together?

Question 20)
At fancy dress party people were asked dress as an object that represented their professions.
 Mr. Alok, Mrs. Bhaskara, Mrs. chandani, Mr. dheeraj, Mr. Eswar  were among the guests. The costumes included a leaf, a pen, a fork, a camera reel, and stethoscope. The professions included a photographer, a gardener, a compounder, a teacher and a cook.
>Alok is a teacher.
>Neither Mrs bhaskara nor Mrs. Chandani was dressed as a fork.
> None of the men is a compounder.
> Mrs. Chandani is a gardener.
What is the profession of Mr. Eswar? Answer key:-
Answer 1) Mohan

Answer 2) 26 since there are 25 prime numbers upto 100 and 1 aslo is not divisible by any number.
Hence there are only 26 seats available on the front row for the mathematicians.

Answer 3) 7352

Answer 4) 30, 55, 56

Answer 5) 0

Answer 6 ) 15

Answer 7) 6

Answer 8) 20

Answer 9) 22 minute 36 sec.

Answer 10) Smallest possible number that is divisible of 3, 5 and 7 is 105
 (105)decimal = (1101001)binary

Answer 11) 4

Answer 12)12

Answer 13) 3 O’ clock

Answer 14) 3600 cm^2

Answer 15) 25

Answer 16) 2 ( 1 and 81)

Answer 17) 171

Answer 18) 20%

Answer 19) 100

Answer 20) cook

winner of today's quiz is "prashant shukla", he scored 18 marks out of 20. we congratulate her from inner core of the heart for her bright future. 

Thanks and regards,
 KP Family

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