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☞1 *Pompous*
Meaning: affectedly grand, solemn, or self-important, characterized by pomp or splendor.
Synonym: self-important, imperious, overbearing,
Antonym: modest, humble, self-effacing
Sentence: "a pompous ass who pretends he knows everything"

☞2 *Reprimand*
Meaning: a formal expression of disapproval,
Synonym: rebuke, reproof, admonishment
Antonym: praise, commendation
Sentence:"the golfer received a reprimand for a breach of rules"

☞3 *Bourgeois*
Meaning: belonging to or characteristic of the middle class, typically with reference to its perceived materialistic values or conventional attitudes.
Synonym: middle-class, property-owning,
Antonym: proletarian, unconventional
Sentence: "a rich, bored, bourgeois family"

☞4 *Obsequious*
Meaning: obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree
Synonym: sycophantic, servile
Antonym: domineering
Sentence: "they were served by obsequious waiters"

☞5 *Scavenger*
Meaning: an animal that feeds on carrion, dead plant material, or refuse., a person who searches for and collects discarded items.
Synonym: hunter
Sentence: "a reputation as a scavenger of discarded odds and ends"

☞6 *Abeyance*
Meaning: a state of temporary disuse or suspension
Synonym: suspension,
Antonym: continue, resume
Sentence: "matters were held in abeyance pending further inquiries"

☞7 *Masquerade*
Meaning: a false show or pretence, pretend to be someone one is not.
Synonym: pretence, deception,
Sentence: "I doubt he could have kept up the masquerade for long"

☞8 *Promenade*
Meaning: a paved public walk, typically one along the seafront at a resort., take a leisurely public walk, ride, or drive so as to meet or be seen by others
Synonym: front, seafront, parade,
Sentence: "they promenaded along the waterfront"

☞9 *Raucous*
Meaning: making or constituting a disturbingly harsh and loud noise.
Synonym: harsh, strident,
Antonym: soft, dulcet, peaceful, quiet, restrained
Sentence: "raucous youths"

☞10 *Poignant*
Meaning: evoking a keen sense of sadness or regret.
Synonym: touching, moving, sad
Antonym: indifferent, unemotional
Sentence: "a poignant reminder of the passing of time"

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