Knowledge Philic is ads free, and why we don't sell ads.

Knowledge Philic is ads free

Yeah you are reading true, knowledge philic is ads free from today!, we removed all ad’s displaying on our blog. We have posted the reasons for the same. It may help other blogger to remove the irritating and annoying ads. From now, we are not going to sell ads.

Why we removed ads?

Indeed we are family of learners who is willing to enhance their knowledge via virtual world viz. Kp blog, kp whatsapp, telegram, and fb groups.

1)Advertising affects conversion and retention because it gives kp readers another option – to click a tantalizingly worded ad – instead of doing what they want  to do.

2)Advertising is designed to distract readers from the content what we let  them to see – the content we worked our ass off(to work very hard) to create for them.

3) When a visitor lands on Knowledge Philic blog and sees ads, they feel we are immediately trying to sell them something.
What would you think of someone who tried to sell you something within a few moments of meeting you?
You probably wouldn’t trust them. You’d probably be suspicious of them. You’d certainly be wary of developing a relationship with them.
Like it or not, blog ads are a constant sales pitch living on my lovely blog.
And when visitors see ads on our blog, they subconsciously trust us a little less. Which is unfortunate because trust is the cornerstone of a

When we lose trust, we will lose influence and we don’t want to mitigate our past 2 years utmost effort who is fruitful for lots of aspirants and they selected in many coveted banks, SSC Inspector post and some of them hit the most desirable post of UPSC.

4) Advertising is a huge distraction for me, as a aspirant or reader.
If we want to optimize our earnings,  we must take time to test, monitor, and manage the ads. Which is totally redundant in the case of kp admins who is already got a coveted job or willing to catch the goal.
So it’s end up effectively working as a part-time advertising manager instead of working on your blog and studying some important stuffs.
Blog ads pull us away from what is truly important: creating great content and providing value to readers.

5) Blog Ads Force us to Give Up Control of our Content

Our blog is our love. You’ve worked hard to build it to where it is today, and to do that, we need to have full control over it, right?
Well, advertising forces us to relinquish some of that editorial control.
Because when we place ads on our site, we don’t control the look of each ad, the copy on the ads, or where the click takes you.
It’s like giving a stranger your Keys of your locked room and hoping they will unlock my door without knowing the proper address.
Putting ads on our blog compromises our power. It puts responsibility for some of our content in the hands of someone else. Someone who couldn’t give a damn about your blog.

6) Last but not the least, we researched on our monetization policy and we felt no need of bucks (rupees) just because we have plethora of successful aspirants who is ready to help us without taking a penny and their articles are splendid and informative. If you willing to share your content, stuff, ebooks fell free to share with us, we’ll definitely share that article if we found that will be helpful for our ardent kp aspirants.
Here is our email address:- [email protected]
Your constructive suggestion are heartily welcome.
Your Knowledge Philic.

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