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Latest position of results of RRB NTPC

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Here is the latest Notice Updated position on 22/08/2016 
1. Latest position of results of ALP/ Technicians exams of CEN No. 01/2014. ALP : 
a) Final result of ALP 01/2014 (Phase-I) with lists and reasons of disqualified candidates and withheld candidates is published on 20/06/2016. Further action for posting of successful candidates will be taken by N Rly and NC Rly respectively for their candidates. The candidates will be advised by the concerned railway accordingly. In case of any difficulty or delay please contact offices of CPO/NC Rly or CPO/N Rly ( Please click the link provided on website for contacting the right officer). 

b) The result of candidates, whose result was withheld for some reasons as indicated on this website and now has got cleared, has been published and their results are being sent to respective railways. Balance ALP vacancies and Technicians Result : Result of balance candidates for ALP and for all posts of Technicians including Stand-by Candidates is under preparation. Scrutiny of applications of candidates and matching with their eligibility, scrutiny for disqualification etc. is in progress. Scrutiny of all applications and data correction is near completion. Next step of OMR matching will be taken after scrutiny of applications and data correction. Important to Note : Many candidates keep calling RRB/Allahabad, twitting and expressing their anger against delay in publishing result. They are being advised that result preparation of multiple categories of mixed types, where applications are filed manually and exams are of conventional types, is a time-taking exercise. A number of repeated checks inbuilt in the system are to be carried out to ensure preparation of an error free result and that needs time and patience. Candidates are being assured that RRB/Allahabad is committed to publishing results in time but it cannot be done at the cost of quality. The candidates are requested to have patience with firm belief that RRB/ALD is working hard towards publishing the results as soon as possible. 

2. Result of NTPC against CEN-03/2015 For NTPC posts (Graduate), examination conducted in March-April’2016, against CEN- 03/2015, Objection Tracker Link has been provided on our website. It has been decided to hold 2 stage examination in this selection. The result of 1st stage examination is under preparation. 

3. Important notice for Candidates in Published Results in recent past : For all results of CENs 02/2014, 01/2015, 02/2015 panels have been sent to respective indenting railways/PUs. ALP panel of CEN-01/2015 has also been sent to the respective railways immediately after declaration of results. It has been noted that some candidates are still waiting for call from their respective railways and are frequently contacting RRB/ALD for information. These candidates are advised to contact CPO office of the concerned railway for any information related to medical tests / joining date etc. Such candidates are further advised that in case they have not received the intimation letter from RRB/ALD which has been sent to them, it doesn’t matter and they would be getting letters separately from the concerned railways. 

4. Position will be updated again in next 15 days time. Chairman/RRB/Allahabad


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