How to excel in CAT VRC section

 To get good marks in VRC section of CAT examination, one must understand the question paper along with an understanding of own strengths and weakness because these two factors will help one to decide the strategy for attempting it.  In 2016, CAT question paper had back to back three sectional tests and these require a separate approach to tackle each of the three sections. In this post, we will discuss how to excel in Verbal Reasoning and Reading Comprehension section. At first, we should know the type of questions asked to understand each and every section.
How to excel in CAT VRC section

Reading Comprehension
Comprehension in school is the best section to score good marks; students should never leave any question un-attempted from this section. In competitive examination like CAT, the passages can be from any area and the questions asked can be factual or inferential. Nowadays, most of the exams are conducted online so the length of the comprehension is reduced compared to the length of the pen and paper-based version. One must attempt those passages first, in which they feel they are comfortable with. If someone is not comfortable with Critical Reasoning, then they should leave that part, as it will help a candidate to cut down on the negative score. It is suggested to read the newspaper as it comes with all kind of news starting from financial to general awareness.

Vocabulary Questions
Questions like antonyms, synonyms, and analogies, are based on knowledge of a candidate and can be answered very easily if one knows the meaning of the word.
These questions consume very less time, hence spending more time and reading the question and choices, again and again, will not give the answer, because a single reading to the question and to the choices is enough to determine if you can or cannot answer the question. So, one must never hesitate to skip the difficult question to attempt easy questions and to utilize the allotted time in an efficient way.

Correct the sentence
Correct the sentence and vocabulary contribute to most to the negative marks of the students, this topic is completely knowledge-based, if you don’t know which rule of grammar to be applied, you are unlucky to get it correct. Guessing should be avoided in all knowledge based questions. It is suggested to leave the question unattempted and move to the next question.

Question asked in parajumbles are logic based and can be solved easily, no prior knowledge of any specific area is required to solve parajumbles. The choices given in the questions help a lot to find the correct answer. One should move back and forth between the choices to get the correct answers. Identify the first and the last word
of the sentence then successively eliminate the incorrect choices to get the correct answer.

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