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SSC CGL Questions Asked 9th August 2017 Tier I Exam (All Slots) pdf download


Section wise SSC CGL Questions Asked 9th August 2017 (Shift 1)

download SSC CGL Questions Asked 9th August 2017 Tier I Exam (All Slots)

SSC CGL Questions Asked 9th August 1st Shift – General Awareness
1.   In Rajasthan Mirage is formed due to the effect of               ? – Total Internal Refraction
2.   Indian of the year Award was given to? – Preeti Shenoy
3.   Theory of Sovereignty is given by? – Austin
4.   What is theory of equilibrium?
5.   Which is the weakest bone in human body? – Spinal cord
6.   1 Qs related to Demand Draft.
7.   1 Qs based on temple & God. You have find the correct option which matches the correct temple with God.  The Question was:
Lingaraj Temple – Mahavira
Venkateswara Temple – Shiva
Tirthankara Temple – Vishnu
Answer: The correct match is
Lingaraj Temple – Shiva
Venkateswara Temple – Vishnu
Tirthankara Temple – Mahavira
8.   Arrange the following in the order events had taken place in Indian history (Ascending Order).
i) Cabinet Mission ii) Non – Cooperation movement iii) Quit India Movement iv) Poona Pact
Answer: The correct sequence is
i) Non – Cooperation movement – 1920
ii) Poona Pact – 24 Sep 1932
iii) Quit India Movement – 8 Aug 1942
iv) Cabinet Mission – 1946
9.   What is the function of kidney? – Extraction of waste from blood, balance body fluids, formation of urine.
10.          What is cyclone called in China?
SSC CGL Questions Asked 9th August 1st Shift – English
1.   Cloze Test based on “Politician & Opposition Party”
2.   Para Jumble based on “Bureaucrats”.
3.   Synonyms of – Dodge, Nebulous
4.   Idioms – Spick and Span, Big Hand
5.   Misspelt word – Translucent, Blissful

SSC CGL Questions Asked 9th August 1st Shift – Quantitative Aptitude
1.   Data Interpretation – Based on Pie Chart
2.   Three Sphere having the radius 3 cm, 4 cm & 5 cm. These sphere were melted & a new sphere was formed. Find the difference percentage of volume of the old & new sphere.

SSC CGL Questions Asked 9th August 1st Shift – General Intelligence & Reasoning
Matrix – The word SCAM was given. You have to find it from the two matrix given in the exam.

SSC CGL Questions Asked 9th August 2nd Shift – General Awareness
1.                 Which Country has longest boundary with India ? Bangladesh
2.                 Who won Miss Universe 2016 ? Iris Mittenaere
3.                 Ph Scale of Blood is: Slightly Basic
4.                 What is disguised unemployment ?  (Underemployment )working in a redundant manner where worker productivity is essentially zero
5.                 Number do Lies Book was written by? Aakash Chopra's
6.                 Who is Executive head of Parliament ? Prime Minister
7.                 Amazon river is in which country ? Brazil
8.                 Science/law behind inability  to nail a pin on a hanging wooden block? Newtons' 2nd Law of Motion
9.                 No of tissues in plants ? Three
10.             Who Discovered Bacteria? Van Leeuwenhoek
11.             First governor general of Bengal ? Warren hasting
12.             Forest research institute is located at? Dehradun
13.             Who is UN secretary general ? António Guterres
14.             Market with only one seller - Monopoly
15.             What is a bug - Error in a program
16.             Which of the following is not true regarding EM waves - it cant be interfered and diffracted
17.             Match the following with Ganesh Chathurthi, Durga Puja and other festival : Maharashtra, West Bengal and other
18.             Which among the following sports doesn't use ball - Badminton
19.             Who built Konark temple - Narasimha 1
20.             Shahyadri is also known as?- Western Ghats
21.             Deen dayal yojana 5 rs meal - Madhya Pradesh
22.             Parliament consist of - President and two houses
23.             Zacharias was invented by? - Microscope

Section wise SSC CGL Questions Asked 9th August 2017 (Shift 3)

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