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Thursday, 14 May 2015

List of Banking and Financial Committees



List of Banking and Financial Committees

1)      DR Gadgil Committee 1944 Agricultural Finance*

2)       Mahalanobis Committee 1964 National Income

3)       DR Gadgil Committee 1968 Social approach on banking review of institutional condition*

4)       FKF Nariman Committee 1969 Branch expansion programme

5)       Hathi Committee 1970 Soiled Bank Notes*

6)       Chatalier Committee 1970 Finance to small scale industry

7)       Khusro Committee 1970 Small village and cottage industry

8)       Dandekar Committee 1970 Regional imbalances

9)       Varshney Committee 1975 Revised method for loans of Rs.2 lac or more

10)    N Narsimhan Committee 1975 Establishment of RRBs

11)    CE Kamathv Committee 1976 Multi-instituti­onal approach in Agr finance

12)    Dr RK Hajari Committee 1976 Coodn between coop credit institutions

13)    NL Dantwala Committee 1978 Viability of RRBs*

14)    James Raj Committee 1978 Systems and procedures of working in PSBs

15)    Baldev Singh Committee 1978 Simplification of loan procedures and documentation relating to agricultural and allied activities**

16)    K Madhav Das Committee 1978 Urban Coop Banks

17)   G Luxminarayan Committee 1978 Consortium Finance – Public/private sector

18)    R K Talwar Committee 1979 Customer service

19)    K S Krishaswami Committee 1980 Role of banks in priority sector advances and 20 point programmes

20)    Shivaraman Committee 1981 To immplement the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development and NABARD was established

21)    Puri Committee 1982 Uniformity of loan application

22)    S Chakravarty Committee 1982 Review of monetary system in banking industry

23)    A Ghosh Committee 1982 Priority sector and 20 point programme

24)    UK Sharma Committee 1982 Review of lead bank scheme

25)    Tiwari Committee 1983 Indl sickness and rehabilitation of sick units

26)    Pandharkar Committee 1983 Periodical inspection by RBI

27)    Chakravarty Committee 1985 Review the working of the monetary system.

28)    Marathe Committee 1985 Credit Authorisation scheme – fast track

29)    Khusro Committee 1986 Agricultural Credit*

30)    Vaghul Committee 1986 Money market

31)    G S Patel Committee 1986 Organisation & management of stock exchange

32)    SM Kelkar Committee 1986 RRB and its relative Acts

33)    Abid Hussain Committee 1987 Profit making public units should offer a part of their share capital to the public as part of long term strategy to establish the stock exchange.*

34)    Vagul committee 1987 Money Market.

35)    Abid Hussain Committee 1987 Development of capital market

36)    PD Ojha Committee 1988 Service Area Approach

37)    SC Kalyansundaram Committee 1989 Introduction of factoring services

38)    Goiporia Committee 1990 Customer Service in banks.

39)    A Ghosh Committee 1991 Bank frauds & malpractices.

40)    Narasimham Committee – I 1991 Examine all aspects relating to the structure, organization & functioning of the financial system.**

41)    M N Goiporia Committee 1991 Customer service improvement

42)    SA Dave Committee 1991 Functioning of Mutual funds

43)    A C Shah Committee 1992 On deposit insurance for non-banking finance companies (NBFCs). It has recommended that General Insurance Corporation (GIC) and Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC) provide the risk cover.

44)    C Rao Committee 1992 Agriculture policy

45)    AC Shah Committee 1992 NBFCs

46)    Nadkarni SS Committee 1992 Trading in public sector bonds

47)    Raja Chelliah Committee 1992 Tax reforms*****

48)    Ghosh Committee 1992 Frauds & malapractices in banks

49)    J.V. Shetty Committee 1993 Review the system of lending under consortium arrangements & to suggest improvements therein.

50)    Sundaram Committee 1993 Structure of export credit.

51)    Goswami Committee 1993 Industrial sickness & corporate restructuring.

52)    Janakiraman Committee 1993 Securities transactions of banks & financial institutions.

53)    J V Shetty Committee 1993 Consortium lending by banks

54)    PR Nayak Committee 1993 Institutional credit to SS SSIs

55)    Goswami Committee 1993 Indl sickness and exit policy

56)    Jilani R Committee 1993 Credit delivery system

57)    D R Mehta Committee 1993 Review of progress of IRDP

58)    Khanna Committee 1994 Monitoring the work of NBFCS. Non-Banking Financial Corporations

59)    W.S. Saraf Committee 1994 Technology Issues relating to Payments System, Cheque Clearing and Securities Settlement in the Banking Industry

60)    Malhotra Committee 1994 Insurance Sector reforms and establishment of IRDA

61)    Sodhani Committee 1995 NRI investments in India

62)    Padmanabhan Committee 1995 Banking supervision

63)    Shere K S Committee 1995 Electronic funds transfer- legal issues

64)    BD Shah Committee 1996 Stock lending Scheme and short-selling

65)    A.V. Gupta Committee 1997 Agricultural loans

66)    S.S Tarapore Committee 1997 This committee was set up by the Reserve Bank of India under the Chairmanship of former RBI deputy governor S.S Tarapore to “lay the roadmap” to capital account convertibility.

67)    B D Shah Committee 1997 Stock lending scheme

68)    Tarapore Committee 1997 Capital account convertibility

69)    Narasimham Committee II 1998 Banking Sector Reforms: The reforms consisted of

i. A shift of banking sector supervision from intrusive micro-level intervention over credit decisions toward prudential regulations and supervision.

ii. A reduction of the CRR and SLR.

iii. Interest rate and entry deregulation; and

iv. application of prudential norms.

70)    Dave Committee 1998 Mutual Funds

71)    M Narsimham Committee 1998 Financial Sector reforms

72)    S L Kapoor Committee 1998 Institutional credit to SSIs

73)    R H Khan Committee 1998 Harmonisation of role of FIs & Banks

74)    Y V Reddy Committee 1998 Financial aggregates system

75)    L C Gupta Committee 1998 Financial derivatives

76)    Verma Committee 1999 Revival of weak public sector banks.

77)    B Eradi Committee 1999 Insolvency and bankruptcy law

78)    SN Verma Committee 1999 Restructuring of Commercial Banks

79)    M S Verma Committee 1999 Measures for Weak Banks

80)    YV Reddy Committee 2001 Income Tax Review

81)    Kelkar Committee 2002 Indirect tax reforms

82)    J.J. Irani Committee 2005 Company Law reforms and investor protection

83)    Rangarajan Committee 2008 Financial Inclusion

84)    Vijal Kelkar Committee 2012 Fiscal Reforms and fiscal consolidation

85)    Jilani Committee Loan Systems/­Relating to Internal Control and Inspection/­Audit System in Banks

86)    Usha Thorat Committee Financial Inclusion

87)    M Damodaran Committee Banking Customer Service

88)    J Reddy Committee Reforms in Insurance Sector

89)    R J Kamath Committee Education Loan Scheme

90)    Karve Committee Small Scale Industry/­Sectors

91)    Khanna Committee Non-Performing Assets

92)    Rajamannar Committee Changes in Banking Laws regarding cheque bounce

93)    K R Chandratre Committee Delisting of Shares

94)    C.B. Bhave Committee Disclosure Standards

95)    L. C. Gupta Committee Regulation of derivatives trading

96)    R. Chandrasekaran Committee Recommend speedy transfers of shares

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