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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

English : Fill in the blanks for SSC and Bank Exams


Fill in the blanks with an appropriate option:
1.Certain animals have a __________ reaction to dangers. 
(a) voluntary  
(b) extempore  
(c) unconscious 
(d) spontaneous

2.Seldom are his actions beneficial either to him or to his family, and mostly they are ___________. 
(a) advantageous  
(b) calamitous  
(c) awful  
(d) cacophonous

3.Though everybody's business is nobody', business, in this context, everyone will be held responsible _________. 
(a) severely  
(b) fiercely  
(c) seriously  
(d) equally

4.The most difficult task for anybody is to be ………………… his own drawbacks and weaknesses. 
(a) exultant at
(b) alive to  
(c) susceptible  
(d) alive with

5.Though difficulty and adversity do appear like hurdles, they __________ the best in man.     
(a) bring about  
(b) bring out  
(c) bring down 
(d) bring forward

6.These days even for minor ailments, a number of tests are being ________ by doctors, especially of corporate hospitals. 
(a) carried through 
(b) carried on  
(c) carried out  
(d) carried away

7.The capitals of the United States and one federal state are named _________ George Washington. 
(a) With   
(b) on   
(c) after  
(d) at

8.My interviewers noticed on my CV that I had very little experience; however, they promised not to hold that _____ me. 
(a) against   
(b) towards  
(c) behind  
(d) without

9. _________, we cleaned the house and set it in order before the guests arrived. 
(a) As well as possible 
(b) Swiftly as possible 
(c) As fast possible 
(d) As quickly as possible

10.The benefits of earning a Bachelor's Degree _______ the trials along the way. 
(a) is worth  
(b) are worth  
(c) worth  
(d) has been worth