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Friday, 26 June 2015

🎯🎯Famous Wars and Battles🎯🎯

🎯🎯Famous Wars and Battles🎯🎯

💥Battle of Salamis (480 BC) : 🌍
👉The Greek fleet
defeated the Persians.

💥Battle of Pharasalus (48 AD) :🌍
👉 Caesar defeated

💥The Crusades (11 th - 13th Centuries) :🌍
👉 Military
expeditions of the Christians in Western Europe
to get back the Holy lands from Muslims;
the Holy city remained with Turks.

💥Hundred Years War (1338-1453) :🌍
between France and England; came to an end by
heroism of Joan of Arc who was burnt Alive.
Anglo - Spanish War of the Defeat of Spanish

💥Armada (1588) :🌍
👉 The British fleet under Howard
and Drake defeated the Spanish fleet Armada.

💥Battle of Gibralter Bay (1606-37) :🌍
👉The Dutch
defeated the Spaniards and the Portuguese.

💥Thirty Years War (1618-48) : 🌍
👉A politico-religious
struggle; included Bohemian War; Danish War
and Swedish War; result; Calvinism was finally
granted recognition.

💥Seven Years of Anglo-French War III (1756-63) :🌍
👉Fought by Britain and Prussia against Austria,
France and later Russia; the Treaty of Paris
brought an end to it.
Battle of Bunker Hill: The first battle of the War
of American Independence; fought at
Charlestown, Boston.

💥American War of Independence (1776-83)🌍 :
👉George Washington defeated the British forces;
America became independent; independence of
British colonies recognised at the Peace of Paris

💥Battle of Pyramids (July 1798) :🌍
emerged victorious over the Mumeluke rulers of

💥Battle of Nile (August 1798) : 🌍
👉The British fleet
under Lord Nelson defeated the French fleet and
established their supremacy over the
Mediterranean Sea.

💥Battle of Austerlitz (1805) : 🌍
👉Napolean defeated
Austria and Russia.

💥Battle of Trafalgar (October 1805) : 🌍
👉The British
fleet under Lord Nelson defeated the combined
French and Spanish fleet under Villeneuve;
Britain won but Nelson was killed; Napolean's
scheme of invading England failed.

💥Battle of Leipzing or 💥Battle of Nations (1813) :🌍
👉Napolean was defeated by the English and the
Allies; he abdicated in the following year.

💥Battle of Waterloo (1815) : 🌍
👉The British under
Duke of Wellington (Sir Arthur Wellesley)
defeated the French under Napolean; Napolean
was captured and exiled to St. Helena where he

💥Opium War (1839-42)🌍
👉 : Fought between Britain
and China; immediate cause: Chinese protest
over opium import into China by the British.

💥Crimean War (1853-56) : 🌍
👉War declared against
Russia by Turkey in 1853, Britain and France in
1854 and Sardina in 1855; Russia defeated.

💥American Civil War (1861-65) : 🌍
👉Northern states of
America under Abraham Lincoln defeated the
Southern states and established a Federal State;
cause: Anagonism between the agricultural,
slave-owing South and the industrial North.

💥Spanish-American War (1898) :🌍
👉 The war fought
by the USA and Cuban revolutionaries against
Spain to free Cuba from Spanish rule;
Cuba came under the US forces.

💥Battle of Omdurman (1898) : 🌍
👉The British and
Egyptian forces defeated the forces of Khalifa

💥Russo-Japanese War (1904-05) : 🌍
defeated; Treaty of Portsmouth (1905) brought
an end to the war; also known as the Battle of
the Sea of Japan.

💥Balkan Wars I and II (1912-13) : 🌍
👉In the Balkan
War I, the Balkan countries defeated Turkey;
while in Balkan War II, Romania defeated

💥World War I (1914-18)🌍 :
👉 Root Causes : Austria-
Serbia rivalry and Frenco-German rivalry;
immediate cause: assassination of the heir to
the Austrian throne by a Serb; the warring sides
were: Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary and
Turkey (Central Powers) against Belgium,
England and France, and later Italy, Russia and
USA (Allied Powers);
✏Result : Central or Axis
Powers were defeated; the Treaty of Versailles
(1919) brought an end to the War.

💥Spanish Civil War (1936-39) : 🌍
👉Fought between
Fascist and republican forces; rebels were
helped by Germany and Italy, while the
government was aided by Russia and Mexico.

💥World War II (1939-45) : 🌍
👉Resulted due to the
unjust Treaty of Versailles as both Germany and
Italy were dissatisfied with it; rise of fascist
forces, such as Nazis in Germany; imperialism of
England and France; and Japan's expansionist
ambitions; warring factions; Germany, Italy and
Japan (Axis Powers) against Britain, France,
Russia, USA, Poland etc. (Allied Powers);
✏Result :
Allied Powers emerged victorious; Germany
divided, emergence of Russia as a big Power.

💥Algerian War of Independence (1947-62)🌍 :
war was fought against French with which
Algeria had been politically unified.

💥Six-Day War (1967) :🌍
👉 Israel defeated the
combined powers of Egypt, Syria and Jordan and
occupied Gaza Strip, Syria's Golan Heights and
the West Bank.

💥Iran-Iraq War (1980-88) : 🌍
Occurred due to
boundary disputes between two countries; heavy
losses on both sides; a ceasefire in August 1988.

💥Falklands War (1982) :🌍
The war was fought
between the British and Argentine forces over
the claim on the Falklands Islands in the South
Atlantic Ocean; British regained control of the

💥Gulf War (1991) :🌍
👉Followed the Iraqi invasion of
Kuwait; a coalition of about 40 countries,
including the UK and the USA, defeated Iraq.