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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

MISSION SBI Expected Questions for SBI PO

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Expected Questions for SBI PO

2015-16 on Banking and Finance –

1. Union Government recently exempted MAT for which investors?
– Foreign Investors

2. Which Tax was recently exempted for foreign investors?

3. Union finance Ministry recently exempted MAT for foreign investors.
What does MAT stands for?
– Minimum Alternate Tax

4. Which two sectors are excluded from Minimum Alternate Tax or MAT?
– Power and Infrastructure Sector

5. Future Group recently announced their retail business will merge with
– Bharti Retail

6. Chuck Robbins is the newly appointed CEO of which company?
– Cisco

7. Recently, Government announced Permanent Account Number(PAN) mandatory for which registration purpose?
– Central Excise Registration

8. Union Government recently launched Credit Enhancement Guarantee Scheme for __________.
– Scheduled Castes

9. The Govt. launched Credit Enhancement Guarantee Scheme for Scheduled Castes will be implemented by which organisation?
– Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI) Ltd

10. Bengaluru–based mobile app development company Native5 was recently acquired by which e–commerce company?
– Myntra

11. RBI recently introduced Red Flagged Account concept for banks to check _________.
– Loan Frauds

12. Which bank recently launched RuPay Platinum Debit Card in association with NPCI?
– State Bank of India

13. SBI’s newly launched RuPay Platinum Debit Card has an accidental insurance cover of ___________.
– Rs 2 Lakhs

13. Union Government recently signed a loan agreement of $31mn with which financial institute?
– Asian Development Bank

14. Union Government and ADB signed a loan agreement of $31mn for which purpose?
– Boost water availability in selected

15. In 2015 Forbes ‘Global 2000’ list how many companies did India have?
– 56

16. In 2015 Forbes ‘Global 2000’ list, which company led the list of companies in India?
– Reliance Industries of Mukesh Ambani

17. Which country topped the list of 2015 Forbes ‘Global 2000’?

18. Which Indian financial company was featured in the world’s top 10 list of consumer finance firms?

19. What was the rank of HDFC in world’s top 10 list of consumer finance firms?
– 7th

20. The world’s top 10 list of consumer finance firms which featured HDFC was prepared by __________.
– Forbes

21. Which state government along with SIDBI recently set up Rs. 200–cr fund for MSMEs?
– Maharashtra Government

22. Who was appointed as the President of New Development Bank of BRICS?
– KV Kamath

23. KV Kamath was recently appointed as the ____________ of New Development Bank.
– President

24. Name the first woman chairperson of American Chamber of Commerce in India.
– Vanitha Narayanan

25. Which Indian telecom company recently tied up with China Telecom Global?
– Tata Communications

26. To further boost the quality of customer service RBI recently notified the Public Sector Banks to appoint _______________.
– Internal Ombudsman

27. The newly advised Internal Ombudsman of Public Sector Banks will be designated as __________.
– Chief Customer Service Officer

28. The theme of this year’s RBI report was Fiscal Consolidation:
Assessment and Medium Term Prospects. What does Fiscal Consolidation refers to?
– The policies undertaken by Governments to reduce their deficits.

29. Name the recently appointed Syndicate Bank MD & CEO.

– Arun Shrivastava