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Thursday, 18 June 2015

MISSION SBI General Awareness Quiz :-june 19, 2015

Knowledge philic presents....

1. Who became 1st 100% visually challenged person get job in Indian Foreign Services ? 

2. Which Indian State became 1st to impose street light tax ? 

3. Who is the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh ? 

4. Which route train renamed as Yoga Express ? 

5. 800 years old statue of Buddha with 1000 hands opened in which country ? 

6. 800 years old statue of Buddha with 1000 hands enlisted in World Heritage List in which year and by which organization ? 

7. What is the basic aim of ‘Sakaar’ launched recently by Government of India ? 

8. Harbhajan Singh of India became 9th highest wicket taker in Test Cricket, he claimed how many wickets ? 

9. Who is the highest wicket taker in the history of Test Cricket ? 

10. Who appointed as Chairman of Delhi Jal Board ? 

11. Who is the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi ? 

12. India’s 1st Micro Air Vehicle Aerodynamics Research Tunnel launched in Bengaluru, Karnataka by which organization ? 

13. Who wrote the book titled as ‘Education of Muslims’ ? 

14. Who wrote the book titled as ‘Modi – Incredible emergence of a star’ ? 

15. Who is the Vice President of India ?