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♨♨♨♨ MISSION SBI General Awareness Quiz :-

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General Awareness Quiz :-

1. Who formed the new political party namely ‘Hindustan Awam Party’ ? 

2. What is the full form of NDA in political observation ? 

3. COPA America Football Tournament 2015 started recently in which Country ? 

4. Who is the President of Chile ? 

5. What is the Currency of Myanmar(Burma) ? 

6. Who is the CEO of HDFC Bank Ltd. ? 

7. Which bank launched the scheme namely ‘PayZapp’ recently ? 

8. Which team won UEFA Champions League title 2015 ? 

9. Sir Christopher Lee, the actor of Britain died recently, he became famous for which character ? 

10. Which former Cricketer of India died recently ? 

11. Who was the Creator of Rock Garden, Chandigarh, died recently ? 

12. Nek Chand Saini awarded with Padma Shri Award in which year ? 

13. Which is the Capital city of Pakistan ? 

14. Which famous personality is also known as ‘Pigeon’ ? 

15. What is the purpose of choke in a tube light? 

Answer key of General Awareness Quiz
1)Jitam Ram Manjhi
2)National Democratic Party
4)Michelle Bichelet
5)Burmese Kyat
6)Aditya Puri
7)HDFC Bank
8)FC Barcelona
10)Hemant Katnikar
11)Nek chand saini
14)Glen McGrath

15)To increase the voltage momentarily

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