Sunday, 20 September 2015

Comprehension(Story based) asked in today's(20-sep-2015) RRB Exam

Hello philic’s ,
we feel immense pleasure to inform you that we've found out the exact comprehension asked in today's exams.

once upon a time an old lady became blind.she couldn't see anythings at all. she called in a doctor to treat her eyes.she agreed to pay a large amount of fee if the doctor cured her eyes.but she said that she would give nothing if her eyes were not completely cured.the doctor used to come daily.there was a lot of beautiful and valuable furniture in the ladies house .the doctor put his eyes on the lady s furniture.he delayed the cure.everyday he used to take away her furniture after a long time he cured her eyes at last and demanded his fees.but the lady refused to pay him saying her cure was not completed.the doctor brought the case at the court the judge asked why she wouldn't pay him. she explained that her sight was not properly restored because she couldn't see all her furniture in the house the judge gave the verdict in her favor. In the other word the doctor did not get any fee.from this story we can learn a moral lesson much wants more and lose all.

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