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Monday, 21 September 2015

Important Places in News 2015 (International)

📝Important Places in News 2015 (International) :-

Knowledge philic presents......

✳1). Palmyra, Syria – came under control of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria militants

✳2). Atacama Desert , Chile – driest location on earth 'Maria Elena South' discovered

✳3). Inca city, Peru – 3rd position in the travel hotspot in the world list

✳4). Temples of Angkor – 1 st position in the travel hotspot in the world list

✳5). Alaska, North America – tallest mountain Mount McKinley renamed as Denali

✳6). Ireland – 1st country to legalize samesex marriage

✳7). London , United Kingdom – Maharashtra Government bought the house where the architect of Indian Constitution Dr. Ambedkar had stayed

✳8). Beijing, China – host of 2022 Winter Olympics

✳9). Conakry , Republic of Guinea – named as the World Book Capital for 2017

✳10). Masdar City , Abu Dhabi – a zero carbon planned city which relies on solar energy and other renewable resources.

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