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Sunday, 18 October 2015

cloze test for PO+SSC mains exam-2

cloze test for PO+SSC mains exam-2


Direction: In the following passages there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

for PO + SSC mains.

KP-Passage 2

Passage 52

Does Indian industry need democracy? The Indian economy's sustained growth today is (1) by incomplete democracy. While millions of Indians endure poverty, only a tiny majority (2) prosperity. On the other hand, many Latin American countries have registered (3) growth rates under military dictators and today one of the fastest growing economies in the world — China — has an (4) rather than a democratic government. So why does India need democracy for sustained growth? To many, democracy (5) slower decision making with corrupt politicians and red-tapism etc.

Industry should therefore be (6) with less, not more, democracy. However, while China (7) consumption in order to save and invest more than half its output to produce 10% growth, India (8) almost two-thirds of its output and manages to achieve 9% growth from one-third of its output. (9) India's democracy is not inefficient when it comes to making (10) use of resources.


1. 1) deprived 2) hampered 3) eliminated 4) faced 5) threaten

2. 1) pursuit 2) acquisition 3) benefit 4) enjoy 5) value

3. 1) acceptable 2) insignificant 3) variable 4) inflated 5) affordable

4. 1) autonomous 2) economical 3) authoritarian 4) egalitarian 5) orthodox

5. 1) imply 2) mentions 3) attracts 4) features 5) means

6. 1) gracious 2) adapted 3) fascinated 4) pleased 5) urged

7. 1) bans 2) curtails 3) regulate 4) ceases 5) discourage

8. 1) consumes 2) selects 3) indulges 4) disperse 5) hoard

9. 1) Accordingly 2) Totally 3) Thus 4) Even 5) Likely

10. 1) ultimately 2) capably 3) modest 4) secure 5) effective


Hamper = to prevent somebody's free movement or activity; to restrict or hinder somebody/something

Endure = to suffer patiently something that is painful or uncomfortable

Authoritarian = favoring complete obedience to authority especially that of the state at the expense of personal freedom

Acquisition = the action or process of acquiring something

Inflate = to make something more important, impressive etc than it really is; to exaggerate something

Egalitarian = showing or holding a belief in equal rights, benefits and opportunities for everybody

Orthodox = following strictly the older, more traditional practices.

Imply = to suggest something indirectly rather than stating it directly

Gracious = kind, polite and generous especially to somebody of a lower social position

Indulge = to become involved in an activity especially one that is illegal or disapproved of.

Disperse = to go in different directions or make somebody/something do this



What's your ans?

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