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Monday, 19 October 2015

cloze test for PO+SSC mains exam-3

cloze test for PO+SSC mains exam-3


Direction: In the following passages there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.


for PO + SSC mains.


KP-Cloze Passage 3



A factor that air passengers give little thought to but which is a serious threat to air safety is (1) maintenance. In the current global airline boom competition is (2). Which compels airlines to (3) costs and (4) output. In India with a seat capacity

considerably (5) of the demand all airlines practise severe cost-cutting to (6). Faced with having to cut costs to the bone and maximise aircraft utilisation, a surprising number of airlines may cut (7) on aircraft maintenance, even at the (8) of compromising safety. While commercial aircraft are (9) to take much punishment, for example, in the event of pilots flying into thunderstorms there is a limit to the punishment that even the toughest aircraft can take when profitability takes (10) over safety.


1. 1) expedient 2) incessant 3) routine 4) laborious 5) poor

2. 1) optimise 2) intense 3) destined 4) guarantee 5) profitable

3. 1) falsify 2) lavish 3) minimize 4) incline 5) ration

4. 1) depress 2) productive 3) curb 4) available 5) maximize

5. 1) ahead 2) less 3) more 4) saturated 5) above

6. 1) invest 2) survive 3) live 4) appraise 5) reinforce

7. 1) out 2) taxes 3) across 4) corners 5) short

8. 1) claim 2) formality 3) reminder 4) strain 5) risk

9. 1) designed 2) unable 3) rotated 4) originally 5) standard

10. 1) encouragement 2) influence 3) precedence 4) cover 5) guard


Word hint

To cut to the bone = to reduce something greatly

To cut corners = to do something in the easiest, quickest or cheapest way, often by

ignoring rules or omitting something

Precedence = the right or requirement to come before somebody/something else in

time, order etc; priority

Expedient = useful or convenient for a particular purpose, though not necessarily fair or moral

Incessant = not stopping; continual

Lavish = giving or doing something generously or excessively; great in extent, rich in quality and usually costing a lot of money

Ration = to limit the amount of something that somebody is allowed to have

Curb = to prevent something from getting out of control; to restrain something

Appraise = to assess the value, quality or nature of somebody/something

Reinforce = to strengthen or emphasize a feeling, an idea, a habit etc


What's your ans?

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