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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

cloze test for PO+SSC mains exam-5

cloze test for PO+SSC mains exam-5


Direction: In the following passages there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.


for PO + SSC mains.


KP-Cloze Passage 5


In July 2008, one of the most inspiring leaders of our times, will (1) his ninetieth birthday. Nelson Mandela retired from politics in 1999, but he has remained (2), continuing his work through the Nelson Mandela Foundation. The foundation has launched an Aids awareness campaign, 46664, named (3) Mandela's prison number. He has also set up a scholarship programme whose (4) was to promote

leadership among young Africans. During the 1990s, (5) I worked with Mr Mandela on his autobiography Long Walk to Freedom, I (6) his leadership firsthand. During his election campaign we were on board a plane discussing his book. Twenty

minutes (7) to landing the engine failed. Many began to panic. The only thing that (8) them was looking at Mandela, who was reading his paper as if he was a

passenger on a morning train to work. The plane landed safely and when we got into the car taking us to the hotel he (9) to me, "I was terrified on the plane!" As a leader he realised he was a model for others and this gave him the strength to (10) over his own fear.


1. 1) tribute 2) remember 3) honour 4) celebrate 5) rejoice

2. 1) resigned 2) active 3) influenced 4) participant 5) reserved

3. 1) by 2) with 3) after 4) as 5) thereafter

4. 1) wish 2) pursuit 3) result 4) plot 5) aim

5. 1) when 2) that 3) period 4) later 5) alongside

6. 1) felt 2) acquainted 3) experienced 4) underwent 5) learned

7. 1) before 2) sooner 3) close 4) prior 5) advance

8. 1) calmed 2) soothing 3) composed 4) restraint 5) discipline

9. 1) speaks 2) confided 3) confidentially 4) entrusted 5) assured

10. 1) success 2) overcame 3) dominate 4) victory 5) triumph


Word hint

Ø  Name after = to give a name to somebody or something

Ø  On board = on or in a ship or an aircraft

Ø  Confide = to tell a secret to somebody which trusting them not to tell others

Ø  Terrified = very frightened; filled with terror

Ø  Triumph over = to be successful; to gain a victory

Ø  Rejoice = to feel or show great joy

Ø  Acquainted = familiar with something



What's your ans?

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