Ques. : 1 The 2015 Nobel Peace Prize went to the National Dialogue Quartet for its decisive contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy in

1) Tunisia 

2) Yemen

3) Syria 

4) Libya

5) Jordan 

Answer:- 1) Tunisia

Ques. : 2 Who among the following is the present Attorney General of India?

1) HL Dattu 

2) Mukul Rohatgi

3) Anand Grover 

4) Goolam Essaji Vahanvati

5) Harish Salve 

Answer:- 2) Mukul Rohatgi

Ques. : 3 The combined military training exercise HAND-IN-HAND 2015 will be conducted from Oct 12-23 at Kunming Military Academy, Yunnan. This is a joint military exercise between

1) China and India 

2) China and Pakistan

3) China and South Korea 

4) China and Cambodia

5) China and Iran 

Answer:- 1) China and India

Ques. : 4 The World Egg Day is celebrated on which of the following days? The World Post Day is also celebrated on this day.

1) 2 Oct 

2) 5 Oct

3) 6 Oct 

4) 9 Oct

5) 10 Oct 

Answer:- 4) 9 Oct

Ques. : 5 The Oscar-winning composer AR Rahman was named as the cultural ambassador of which of the following countries recently for enhancing the country's art and culture development?

1) Mauritius 

2) Maldives

3) Malaysia 

4) Seychelles

5) Indonesia 

Answer:- 4) Seychelles

Ques. : 6 The veteran music composer and singer Ravindra Jain passed away recently. Which of the following is one of the popular songs composed by him?

1) Jab deep jale aana 

2) Gori tera gaon

3) Geet gata chal 

4) Akhiyon Ke Jharokhe Se

5) All the above 

Answer:- 5) All the above

Ques. : 7 India's application to enter the MTCR was accepted and well received at the plenary meeting of the coveted club held in Norway recently. The term MTCR stands for

1) Mineral Technology Control Regime 

2) Meteorological Technology Control Regime

3) Marine Technology Control Regime 

4) Missile Technology Control Regime

5) None of these 

Answer:- 4) Missile Technology Control Regime

Ques. : 8 Smart City project for sustainable development has begun in Puducherry with Nagpur and Chandigarh being next with two bn Euro assistance from

1) Germany 

2) US

3) Japan 

4) China

5) France 

Answer:- 5) France

Ques. : 9 Baba Ramdev's Patanjali Ayurved has entered into an exclusive partnership with _________ to make its entire range of products available in the latter's outlets.

1) Aditya Birla Retail 

2) Reliance Fresh

3) Big Basket 

4) Future Group

5) None of these 

Answer:- 4) Future Group

Ques. : 10 Vijender Singh is associated with which of the following games? He turned professional a few months ago.

1) Wrestling 

2) Weightlifting

3) Boxing

4) Archery

5) Shooting 

Answer:- 3) Boxing

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