Current Affairs questions (set 1)


current affairs :-
1. Who was appointed as BCCI President ?
Ans-Shashank Manohar

2. Who has won the 2015 Right Livelihood
Award ?
Ans-Inuit and Arctic activist Sheila Watt-
Cloutier of Canada

3. Who has emerged as world's largest cotton producer ?
Ans- India

4. Which State government Launches Citizen
Portal to submit on-line complaints to the police stations through internet ?
Ans- Odisha

5. Brian Friel, who died recently, was a
greatest playwright belongs to which
Ans- Ireland

6. Who will provide 120 million dollars loan
to upgrade the India-Bangladesh
electricity network?
Ans- Asian Development Bank (ADB)

7. Which Bank has become the first
institution worldwide to launch m-Visa, a
card-less and device-less solution to make
the payments ?
Ans- ICICI Bank

8. Who has assumed additional charge as the Chairman and Managing
Director of Steel Authority of India Limited
(SAIL) ?
Ans- Dr Anup K Pujari

9. India's first solar powered district court
inaguratedby Prime Minister at
which place ?
Ans- Khunti, Jharkhand

10. Who was appointed as CFO of flipkart for
commerce platform ?
Ans- Sriram Venkataraman

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