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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Famous writer's and their book's

Famous writer's and their book's

Knowledge philic presents....

📝Arudhanti Roy

●The end of imagination 

●The god of small thing 

●The cost of living 

●Listening to grasshopper 

●Power politics 

●War talks 

📝 Amit tripathi

●The immortals of meluha 

●The secret of nagas 

●The oath of vayuputras 

●The Shiva trilogy 

📝 Anita desai

●The zigzag Way 

●Diamond,Dust and other stories 

●In custody


📝 Chetan Bhagat

●Making India Awesome 

●Half a Girlfriend 

●2 states: The story of my life 

●Revolution 2020 

●What is young India wants 

●Five point someone(Three idiot) 

●One night at call center(Hello) 

●Three mistakes of my life(Kai po che) 

📝Jhumpa lahiri

●The lowland 

●The namesake 

●The interpreters of maladies 

●Unaccousted Earth


📝R K narayan

●A writer's Nightmare 

●A financial Expert 

●Talktive man 

●Malgudy Days 

●The vendor of sweet

 📝kiran desai

●The inheritance of loss 

📝Salman Rushdie

●The enchantress of florence 

●Luka and the fire of life 

●The satanic verses 

●Midnight's Children,In good faith 

●Imagine there is no heaven 

●Joseph Anton: A memoir 

●Two Years Eight months and twenty-eight nights 

📝V S naypol

●A house of Mr. Biswas 

●A bend in he river 

●Magic seed 

●Half a life 

●An area of darkness 


📝Vikram Seth

●The golden Gate 

●The two lives 

●The trevellers 

●A suitable Boy 

●A suitable Girl 

●The rivered Earth 

●The frog and the nightangle

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