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Saturday, 10 October 2015



Ø  Line of Actual Control--India  & China on the Northern Border

Ø  Line of Control--India and Pakistan

Ø  Durand Line--Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Ø  Radcliffe Line--India and Pakistan (its includes Bangladesh Line)

Ø  Blue Line --Israel & Lebanon

Ø  Purple Line -- Israel and Syria

Ø  Green Line --Israel and its neighbors (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria)

Ø  Mason–Dixon line-- Maryland and Pennsylvania/Delaware in Colonial America

Ø  Carson Line--Poland & Russia

Ø  Military Demarcation Line (MDL)--North Korea and South Korea.

Ø  Armistice Line--North Korea and South Korea.

Ø  12.  McMahon Line--India   & China

Ø  Maginot Line--France & Germany

Ø  Manner haime line--Russia & Finland

Ø  15.  Oder  Nisse  Line        --Germany & Poland( aftermath of World War II)

Ø  16.  Hindenburg Line--Poland & Germany(at the time of First World War)

Ø  17.  Siegfried Line--East France & Germany (at the time of second world war)

Ø  18.  16 Parallel North--Angola and Namibia

Ø  19.  17th Parallel Line--North & South Vietnam

Ø  20.  20 Parallel Line  --Libya & Sudan

Ø  21.  22 Parallel Line --Egypt & Sudan

Ø  22.  25 Parallel Line --Mauritania & Mali

Ø  23.  26 Parallel Line--Western Sahara & Mauritania

Ø  24.  31 Parallel Line --Iraq & Iran

Ø  25.  35 Parallel Line --US it serves as border b/w Tennessee/Mississippi,

Ø  26.  36 Parallel Line--US it Forms the southernmost  of the state of Missouri

Ø  27.  38 Parallel Line --North  & South Korea

Ø  28.  40 Parallel Line--US it serves as border b/w Nebraska & Kansas

Ø  29.  41 Parallel Line-- US it forms the border b/w Wyoming /Utah border, Wyoming/Colorado,

Ø  30.  42 Parallel Line--US it serves as border of new York & Pennsylvania Border

Ø  31.  43 Parallel Line-- US it serves as border of b/w State Nebraska & state of south Dakota

Ø  32.  45 Parallel Line--US it forms the boundary b/w Montana & Wyoming

Ø  33.  49 Parallel Line-- USA & Canada