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Tuesday, 20 October 2015







The bulk of our population is poor and illiterate. Their sorry condition poses a problem. On the one hand there is a shortage of teachers for Adult Education and on the other, the adults feel shy of starting to learn at a late age and attend classes. Moreover, the adult villagers have little time to spare for attending classes as the job of a farmer is very strenuous. In addition, he finds that what is taught at adult centres of education has no bearing on his daily needs; therefore he has become cynical about adult education. It is necessary to make it more meaningful for farmers in the villages. In towns and cities also, emphasis should be laid at increasing literacy rate and encourage adult education. Though it can be made useful and work based to arise their interest. It should comprise types of system in which earning and learning go together. Efforts to enhance adult education will ultimately discourage

tendency to migrate to towns for better earning.


KP-1. What is needed for Adult Education in villages?

(a) It should be agriculture oriented

(b) It should be free

(c) It should be compulsory

(d) It should be available in all villages


KP-2. The main problem for educating adult in village is ………..

(a) Financial helplessness to purchase books etc.

(b) They hardly find time to study and feel shy

(c) Their inability to read and write

(d) There is no room for schools in villages


KP-3. The farmers have grown cynical about education because……

(a) He has no time go to school

(b) What is taught in such schools is mostly of no use in his daily life.

(c) He has no money to pay fees

(d) He needs rest & recreation after strenuous work.


KP-4. Adult Education should be encouraged in …………..

(a) Towns and cities

(b) Schools, collages

(c) Towns, cities and villages

(d) Only villages


KP-5. The inherent problem of education system is ………….

(a) Lack of funds

(b) Shortage of teachers

(c) No spare space for schools

(d) Lack of interest


What's your ans?

Solve it and ans in comment box......match it after key is posted.



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