Friday, 2 October 2015

Please read this before going to examination center

Dear friends ,
Today was my first competitive exam. I was almost prepared.

I reached the examination center and there the college faculties didn't allow me to appear in the examination(actually I wasn't alone in this category , there were countless people who had the same issue).

Here is the reason :

I haven't received my original Aadhar card yet. Therefore , I took E aadhar and they aren't accepting E Aadhar.
I don't know , why ?
Why they aren't accepting E aadhar ? After all ,E aadhar is also issued by UIDAI. Govt. Of India (UIDAI) is responsible for the so much delay.

Then I presented my voter ID before them
But my voter Id doesn't have full name. Again , Govt. Of India is responsible for this. Therefore my voter Id became invalid in the eyes of ibps.

Then one of the facilities told me that you can be permitted to sit , if you bring bank passbook.
Actually I'm far away from home town and bank passbook was at my home (I think nobody carries bank passbook , now a days). So , I anyhow managed to bring fax of the passbook. But they said "it's Xerox , where is the original ?" It was already 9:05am ,  I once again got disappointed.

This would be my first attempt if they allowed me, I know there are lakhs of people , for those this is the last attempt. So never miss this attempt.

Please read my suggestions

1. Make sure that the name you have in admit card is exactly matching with the name in identity proof.

2. They aren't accepting E aadhar . Please don't ask , "why ?"

3. Also , bring original along with Xerox.