Thursday, 15 October 2015

Test your vocab?---part-2

Test your vocab?


Knowledge philic presents..............learn synonyms, antonyms simultaneously

Directions: In each of the following questions four words are given of which two are most nearly the same or opposite in meaning. Find the two words which are most nearly the same or opposite in meaning and find the number of the correct letter combination.

Kp-1. (A) Traduce (B) Harass (C) Oblige (D) Defame
1) A-B   2) B-C   3) C-D   4) A-C   5) A-D
Traduce = to say damaging false things about somebody/something especially to make people think badly about them.

Kp-2. (A) Visionary (B) Glorious (C) Uncanny (D) Natural
1) A-B 2) B-C 3) C-D 4) A-C 5) B-D
Uncanny = not natural; mysterious and slightly frightening.

Kp-3. (A) Whimsical (B) Traverse (C) Squalid (D) Sordid
1) C-D   2) B-C   3) A-B   4) B-D   5) A-C
Whimsical = unusual and rather playful; capricious but charming
Traverse = to travel or extend across an area
Squalid = very dirty and unpleasant, especially because of poverty or lack of care.
Sordid = dirty and unpleasant

Kp-4.  (A) Stout (B) Impotent (C) Fragile (D) Eloquent
1) A-C 2) B-D 3) C-D 4) A-D 5) A-B
Stout = strong and thick; rather fat; built in a solid way
Fragile = easily damaged or broken; delicate
Eloquent = having or showing expressive language especially to impress or persuade an audience

Kp-5. (A) Equivocal B) Effeminate (C) Enumerate (D) Manly
1) A-B    2) B-C    3) C-D  4) A-C    5) B-D
Equivocal = not clear or definite in meaning or intention; that can be interpreted in
more than one way; ambiguous
Effeminate = having characteristics considered to be typical of a woman

Kp-6. (A) Fervour (B) Flimsy (C) Dissipate (D) Waste
1) A-B 2) B-C 3) C-D 4) A-C 5) B-D
Fervour = strength or intensity of feeling; enthusiasm
Flimsy = light and thin; weak; not convincing
Dissipate = to waste something foolishly

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