Test your vocab?------part-3


Test your vocab?




Knowledge philic presents..............learn synonyms, antonyms simultaneously

Directions: In each of the following questions four words are given of which two are most nearly the same or opposite in meaning. Find the two words which are most nearly the same or opposite in meaning and find the number of the correct letter combination.






Kp- 1. (A) Spiritual (B) Immoral (C) Temporal (D) Agonising

1) A-B   2) B-C   3) C-D   4) A-C    5) A-D

Spiritual = of the human spirit or soul; not of physical things

Agonising = causing great suffering or anxiety

Temporal = of this life, not spiritual

Spirit = a person's mind of feelings as distinct from her or his body



Kp-2 . (A) Fraud (B) Amuse (C) Befuddled (D) Confuse

1) A-B   2) B-C    3) C-D   4) A-C    5) A-D

Amuse = to make somebody laugh or smile

Befuddled = made stupid; confused



Kp-3. (A) Yield (B) Clamour (C) Protest (D) Penalise

1) A-B     2) B-C    3) C-D    4) A-C    5) A-D

Clamour = a loud demand or protest



Kp-4. (A) Scatty (B) Sceptic (C) Sturdy (D) Sane

1) A-B     2) B-C     3) C-D     4) A-C    5) A-D

Scatty = slightly mad; crazy

Sceptic = a person who doubts that a claim, statements etc is true

Sturdy = strong and firm

Sane = having a normal healthy mind



Kp-5. (A) Bizarre (B) Offensive (C) Usual (D) Brisk

1) A-B    2) B-C    3) C-D    4) A-C     5) B-D

Bizarre = very strange; not at all logical

Brisk = quick; active; busy



Kp-6. (A) Diminishing (B) Infernal (C) Pleasing (D) Vehement

1) A-B     2) B-C    3) C-D   4) A-C     5) A-D

Diminish = to become or make something smaller or less; to decrease

Infernal = used to express annoyance; of or like a hell.

Vehement = showing or caused by strong feeling; passionate



Kp-7. (A) Soaked (B) Folded (C) Grubby (D) Washed

1) A-B    2) B-C   3) C-D  4) B-D   5) A-D

Grubby = dirty



Kp-8. (A) Bracing (B) Invigorating (C) Dwindling (D) Depicting

1) A-B    2) C-D    3) B-D   4) A-C   5) B-C

Bracing = cool and fresh; invigorating

Depict = to show or represent somebody/something as a picture

Invigorate = to make somebody feel more lively and healthy

Dwindle = to become gradually less or smaller


Kp-9. (A) Charming (B) Placid (C) Adventurous (D) Calm

1) A-B   2) B-C   3) C-D    4) A-C   5) B-D

Placid = calm and peaceful



Kp-10. (A)  Assertion (B) Beatitude (C) Repulsive (D) Insistence

1) A-B   2) B-C   3) C-D   4) A-C   5) A-D

Assertion = the action of claiming or stating something forcefully

Beatitude = great happiness; blessedness

Repulsive = causing a feeling of strong dislike or disgust

Insistent = not allowing refusal or opposition; tending to demand something forcefully, not accepting a refusal





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