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Test your vocab?--------Part-4

Test your vocab?




Knowledge philic presents..............learn synonyms, antonyms simultaneously



Directions: In each of the following questions four words are given of which two are most nearly the same or opposite in meaning. Find the two words which are most nearly the same or opposite in meaning and find the number of the correct letter combination.





Kp-1. (A) Laudably (B) Gigantic (C) Immense (D) Munificent

1) A-B 2) A-C 3) A-D    4) B-C 5) B-D

Gigantic = of very great size or extent; huge

Immense = extremely large or great

Munificent = extremely generous; large in amount or splendid in quality.



Kp-2. (A) Mendacious (B) Truthful (C) Accurate (D) Disgruntled

1) A-B 2) B-C 3) C-D    4) B-D 5) A-D

Mendacious = not telling the truth; lying

Disgruntle = feeling rather bitter or angry because something has happened to upset one


Kp-3. (A) Penetrate (B) Stimulate (C) Exasperate (D) Please

1) A-B 2) B-C 3) C-D 4) A-C 5) B-D

Exasperate = to irritate or annoy somebody greatly


Kp-4. (A) Mutilated (B) Disgorged (C) Duplicity (D) Deception

1) A-D 2) A-C 3) A-B   4) B-C 5) C-D

Mutilate = to injure or damage somebody/ something very severely by breaking or tearing off a necessary part

Disgorge = to pour people or things out in a great mass.

Deception = the action of making somebody believe something is not true.


Kp-5. (A) Flamboyant (B) Extravagant   (C) Cunning (D) Concomitant

1) A-B 2) B-C 3) C-D  4) A-C 5) A-D

Flamboyant = tending to attract attention; very confident and noticeable

Extravagant= willing to use more of something especially money, than is necessary

or appropriate

Cunning = clever at deceiving people

Concomitant= accompanying; happening at the same time as something else



Kp-6. (A) Lyrical (B) Lewd (C) Liaison (D) Dull

1) A-B 2) B-C 3) C-D 4) A-C 5) A-D

Lyrical = expressing strong emotion or enthusiasm especially in poetry, art music etc.

Lewd = treating or referring to sex in a crude or offensive way.

Liaison = a close working relationship involving communication between

groups of people, units of an organisation etc.


Kp-7. (A) Pong (B) Odour (C) Mordant (D) Sarcastic

1) B-D 2) B-C 3) C-D 4) A-C 5) A-D

Pong = a strong, usually unpleasant, smell

Odour = a distinctive, usually unpleasant, smell.

Mordant = sharply critical; very sarcastic

Sarcastic = using or expressing remarks that imply the opposite of what they

appear to mean and are intended to upset or mock somebody.


Kp-8. (A) Lucrative (B) Vague (C) Distinct (D) Denudation

1) A-B 2) B-C 3) C-D 4) A-C 5) A-D

Lucrative = producing much money; profitable

Vague = not specific or exact

Distinct = easily heard, seen, felt or understood; definite

Denude = to make something bare; to take the covering off something

Kp-9. (A) Effeminacy (B) Effrontery (C) Effervescence (D) Impertinence

1) A-B 2) B-C 3) C-D   4) B-D 5) A-D

Effeminate = having characteristics considered to be typical of a woman.

Effrontery = bold or rude behaviour without any feeling or shame

Effervescent = lively, excited and enthusiastic.

Impertinent = not showing respect; rude


Kp-10 . (A) Exquisite (B) Delicate (C) Tempting (D) Berserk

1) A-B 2) B-C 3) C-D   4) A-C 5) A-D

Exquisite = extremely beautiful or delicate;

finely or skilfully made or done

Delicate = very carefully made or formed; fine

Tempting = attractive; inviting

Berserk = out of control with anger



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